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37 Cool Products From Queer-Owned Businesses You'll Probably Want To Add To Your Cart

A Cher-inspired candle, a graphic jumpsuit, gay cats in clothes stickers, and more amazing items from LGBTQIA+ creators.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A resin gold-leaf catchall dish that'll give you a ~hand~ in having a place to store your rings or keys so you can know exactly where to grab them when you're getting ready.

Small clear dish that looks like two hands coming together and holding a ring with gold inside
Made By Rheal / Etsy

Made By Rheal is a Black- queer-owned business based in Oakland, California since 2014. The items are handmade, and this dish is food-safe, so it's great for spices.

Promising review: "So this product is so.... CUTE! The quality and precision here are amazing. I’ve added it to my workspace, and it’s been the perfect addition! I’ll definitely have an assortment of these by end of the year. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!" —Kenyatta

Get it from Made By Rheal on Etsy for $35.

2. An embroidered T-shirt with the message, "sounds gay, I'm in", which is probably how you're going to respond to plans from now until forever.

Model wearing blue t-shirt with the phrase "sounds gay i'm in" embroidered in rainbow colors on the left chest
Gay Pride Apparel

Gay Pride Apparel is a 100% queer-owned small business run by best-friends-turned-couple Jesus and Sergio since 2019. They create handmade, high-quality garments with cheeky, political, and simple designs. They also partner with nonprofits, LGBTQ+ artists, and more to give back to the community.

Get it from Gay Pride Apparel for $32 (available in sizes XS-4XL and in eight colors).

3. A tube of rainbow-colored lip gloss that dries clear but leaves your lips moisturized. Plus, when you use it, there's a 90% chance you'll start singing, "My lip gloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cool..."

Four tubes of lip gloss with rainbow gloss inside and "pridelips" printed on the front in a model's hands
Pride Lips / Etsy

Pride Lips has been creating handmade, affordable lip gloss in Arvonia, Virginia since 2018. The shop is Black- and queer owned. The lip gloss is made with almond oil for extra moisture and has a cherry scent.

Promising review: "I love this lip gloss! It's non-sticky but has a really moisturizing consistency. It comes in cute packaging too." —RichmondArt

Get an 8 ml tube from Pride Lips on Etsy for $6.

4. A brass candle holder for a cool, minimalist piece that will look great hanging out on your wall.

Gold loop with two small plates with tall candles on it
Fredericks & Mae

Fredericks & Mae is a design studio that has been offering simple, beautiful decor pieces since 2007. This sconce comes with a brass nail to make hanging it on the wall easier.

Get it from Fredericks & Mae for $60 (available in single or double arm).

5. A floral blazer that's as unique and different as you are and will have people stopping you to ask you where you got it from.

Model wearing black blazer with yellow, green, and purple small flowers on it

Wildfang is a woman-owned-and-run brand founded in 2013 on the belief that women could (and should) wear whatever they want and be whoever they want. In 2018 alone, the company raised over $400k for reproductive, immigrant, and woman's/human rights charities.

Get it from Wildfang for $188 (available in sizes XS-XXL). There's also matching pants and a vest if you want to go all out with your statement.

6. A handwoven pillowcase and insert in a beautiful pattern that will look so great as an accent on your couch.

Pillowcase with blue and white small short stripes between long single orange stripes on a quilt
Show & Tell

Show & Tell concept shop is a Black- queer- woman-owned company founded in 2011 to bring unique, vibrant, and inclusive products to the forefront. The site mixes a collection of handmade items with ethical and sustainable goods from like-minded brands.

Get it from Show & Tell for $58.

7. A secure lock-pin backing you can use on all the pins on your jean jacket so you don't have to worry about them falling off randomly.

A gold pin backing on the inside of a denim jacket
Bianca Designs Co / Etsy

Bianca Designs Co has been creating inclusive LGBTQ+ pride enamel pins and gifts from New York since 2017. The secure pin backings are handmade and keep a pin safe on a bag, jacket, or hat.

Promising review: "This is the best purchase I have ever made! I collect a lot of Disney and exclusive pins, and I am always worried that I will never get to put them on bags or anything because I go on the train and bus every day and they might brush against something and fall off. These are so secure, it's magical. I will buy a lot more of these especially after I get more pins from conventions!" — tsubakiknowsotaku

Get a four-pack from Bianca Designs Co on Etsy for $4.50 (available in gold, silver, or mix-and-match).

8. An alive tee you'll be ~dead~ set on wearing all the time because it's simple but cute and lets people know what your vibe is.


dfrntpigeon is a lifestyle brand run by marginalized youth in Portland. The products they make are art inspired by their experiences and perspectives on the world. They also help at-risk youth by fostering their creativity into potential career paths with paid design work and mentoring from professionals in the field.

Get it from dfrntpigeon for $32 (available in sizes S-3X)

9. Beautiful hoop and sphere earrings so beautiful, you'll plan your outfits around them so you can show them off.

Drop earrings with a clear acrylic bead and a circular gold circle underneath
Grans Sans

Grans Sans is a Black- queer- woman-owned jewelry that creates handmade jewelry inspired by the designer's grandmother.

Get them from Grans Sans for $50.

10. A cross-stitch kit that comes with everything you need to craft a nice littler reminder so everyone who comes over to your home can respect what your pronouns are. 🙌

Three cross stitch loops, all with small floral design at the bottom and the one on the top left has the words "Sher, Her, Hers" the top right has the words "They, Them, Their", and the one in the middle bottom has the words "He, Him, His"
Junebug and Darlin / Etsy

Junebug and Darlin is a queer- femme-run business out of Portland, Oregon since 2016. The shop offers cross stitch kits and patterns to provide inspiration and tools for people to create an heirloom craft. The pronouns kit is a beginner kit that comes with a 5-inch wood embroider hoop, the pattern, 14 count Aida cloth, two tapestry needles, DMC floss, organic batting for framing, felt for backing, and hand-drawn directions.

Promising review: "I received my kits (got a pronouns kit and a pansy kit) today and couldn’t help but to get started. The packaging is so cute, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I’ve never cross-stitched before and all of the illustrations made it easy. I’ve made an E and an M! Can’t wait to develop this new hobby, thanks so much!" —Nicole Thurnau

Get it from Junebug and Darlin on Etsy for $22 (available in three styles).

11. A tie-dye co-ord set with shorts and a T-shirt, because the tie-dye trend isn't going anywhere, but the weather is getting warmer, so now's a great time to add some comfy shorts and a T-shirt to your wardrobe.

Sweatpant shorts and a t-shirt both in grey with a blue tie-dye effect on them and the t-shirt has a small logo on the left side with a rainbow shape and the word "Flavnt" on it

Flavnt Streetwear is based out of Austin, Texas and offers clothes that promote confidence and ~pride~. The brand promotes self-love and supports the LGBTQ+ community. This set is hand-dyed so each set will differ a bit from the image above.

Get it from Flavnt for $69.99 (available in sizes XS-3X; You can get the shorts and shirt in different sizes in the set)

12. A floral tulle duster you'll want to put on with any outfit (even jeans shorts and a tee) because it will make you feel instantly fancier.

Model wearing the 3/4th-sleeved mid-length duster in sheer blue with blue flowers embroidered all over it
Terrance Williams Designs

Terrance Williams Designs creates hand-made clothing to spread love and positivity.

Get it from Terrance Williams Designs for $80 (available in one size fits most and in blue and pink).

13. A baby record book specifically designed for same-sex couples (and non-traditional families) to capture all the big milestones in their child's life. The book doesn't refer to "mom" and "dad" and simply refers instead to "parent" with a space for you to write in whatever is appropriate for your family.

The book displayed on a table with small illustrations in squares and the words "Baby Record Book; For All Types of Families" In the middle
Little Pickle Memories / Etsy

Little Pickle Memories started creating keepsake products for all types of families in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom in 2016 after they couldn't find a baby record book that fit their two-mom family. They specialize in books, milestone cards, cards, and more for all families, including single parents, adoptive families, and same-sex families.

Promising review: "This is a lovely book! It's a nice quality. My friends were deeply touched and forever grateful for this memory book specially made for their family. It's a beautiful keepsake." —tmccallum78

Get it from Little Pickle Memories on Etsy for $26.06 (available in a pink, orange, or blue cover).

14. A long-sleeved printed jumpsuit you'll ~jump~ at any chance to put on because it will make you feel fly as hell. Trust me.

Model wearing the jumpsuit with blue, red, and white circle and square pattern that looks like a kaleidoscope

Makoma is a Black- queer-owned brand that creates one-of-a-kind designs around African prints combines with classic silhouettes. The jumpsuit should be washed in cool water.

Get it from Makoma for $130 (available in sizes S-L).

15. A Worship Yourself print to hang on your wall to help remind yourself that self love is so very important and you are worthy of that and so much more.

An art print with illustration in white of crystals in the middle and flowers, candles, bones, and moons in a circle around it with the words "Worship Yourself" at the top and bottom
Grrrl Spells / Etsy

Grrrl Spells is a nonbinary and POC-owned business that's been making spoopy queer art and accessories from Toronto, Canada since 2017. The print is 8.5 x 5.5 inches and made from 100% recycled paper.

Promising review: "This is a fantastic high-quality print. I'm super happy. 🖤" —lapinlune

Get it from Grrrl Spells on Etsy for $6.15.

16. A Boy Smells Pride Prunus candle designed specifically with a gender-neutral scent because everyone deserves to burn a beautiful candle that will make their home smell good.

Candle in purple holder with the title "Prunus" and smell notes on it with a box next to it with the word "Boy Smells" on it
Boy Smells / Via

Boy Smells began in 2016 when co-founders (and real-life partners) Matthew Herman and David Kie started experimenting with candle-making and making scents to make candles that didn't stick to the gender binary. This specific candle is part of a gender-neutral pride collection of six candles. It has notes of plum, grounded oakmoss, yuzu, coconut, and beeswax. Boy Smells is also donating 15% of proceeds from the Pride collection during June and July to the Trevor Project, with a minimum donation of $26,500.

Get it from Boy Smells for $34.

17. A gay cats in clothes sticker set I can guarantee when people see on your laptop, phone case, or whever else you stick them, they'll shout, "Are you ~kitten~ me?? These are ~purr-fect~." And well, they'll be right.

Five stickers of illustrations of different kinds of cats wearing hats, bows, and other clothes
Lovestruck Prints / Etsy

Lovestruck Prints has been creating illustrations that challenge heteronormative views of society in Montréal, Canada since 2012. This set comes with five vinyl stickers that are 2 to 3 inches in size.

Promising review: "These stickers are an excellent quality. I've shared some of the stickers I purchased in care from afar packages I've shared with my beloved, and they've loved them as well." —Cassandra

Get it from Lovestruck Prints on Etsy for $9.99.

18. A speckled enamelware mug you may be ~spotted~ using in every meeting you have, and then all your coworkers will start asking where they can get their own.

The mug with a lip on the top and black and white speckles

Otherwild has been a store, studio, workshop, and event space since 2012. They offer zero-waste products, along with apparel, accessories, housewares, and an androgynous swimsuit and jumpsuit line.

Get it from Otherwild for $10.

19. A glitter universal liner designed to be long-lasting and pop on all skin tones, so you'll ~glitterly~ never get enough of it. Why yes, I am wearing blue glitter eyeshadow on Monday morning at 9 a.m. because you know what, it looks great!

Model wearing blue glitter liner as eyeshadow

Fluide is a makeup brand designed for all gender expressions, identities, and skin tones since 2018. All the makeup is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan.

Get it from Fluide for $15.

20. Nonbinary flag hoop earrings for a subtle nod you can wear every day, because they're simple enough to go with everything you have in your closet.

Two thin gold hoops with four small beads on them in yellow, white, purple, and black
Neverware Designs / Etsy

NeverwareDesigns has been creating handmade jewelry that's nature, queer, magic, nerd, and motherhood-inspired in Atlantic, Iowa since 2014. The beads on this necklace are matte mountain jade and black onyx. The hoops are about 1.5 inches in diameter and lightweight.

Get it from Neverware Designs on Etsy for $20 (available in silver and gold).

21. A pair of swim shorts with a geometric pattern for a fun way to show off your style while hanging out at a pool or beach.

Model wearing the swim shorts with different shades of blue and white geometric rectangle print

Homoco is a queer swim brand that uses recycled plastic to make the swim trunks. The brand donates a portion of sales to organizations for queer rights and ocean conversation. This suit was designed in collaboration with artist Ed Granger and also has a coordinating T-shirt.

Get them from Homoco for $69 (available in unisex sizes XS-XXL).

22. A Cher-inspired votive candle with scents of jasmine, rosewater, and bell-bottoms (of course). And if you think it's too beautiful to burn, just remember what Cher would say: "Snap out of it!"

Votive candle with pink label and gold illustration of a crystal ball with the words "Cher" and "Jasmine & Rosewater" in it
Bijou / Via

Bijou Candles was founded by married couple Alaina and Jocelyn who wanted to provide more affordable candles that you could actually use every day. The candles are hand-poured in small batches. The candle is made with 100% soy wax and has a burn time of 140 hours. Along with the jasmine and rosewater, this candle has notes of clove, amber, and patchouli.

Promising review: "I bought this candle for my mom because she is a huge candle and Cher fan. I almost didn’t even give it to her because it smells so good! She loves everything about it and says it smells even more amazing when she’s burning it." —Tyler

Get it from Bijou for $39. And check out the other voitves inspired by icons here.

23. An everyday face cleanser made with brightening glycolic acid and sea kelp meant to improve firmness, even skin tone, and make your face more radiant no matter your skin tone, type, or your gender.

Tall and thin eight fluid-ounce bottle of everyday face cleaser
Alder New York / Via

Alder New York is a queer and woman-owned skincare brand making products for all skin types, ages, genders, and ethnicities. The products are vegan and made with dermatologist-approved ingredients.

Promising review: "I randomly came across this brand and am so happy I did! I purchased the travel size of the Everyday Cleanser and Serum to test them out because I have very sensitive and red prone skin. I was looking for something exfoliating and gentle. I’ve been using the cleanser and serum for two weeks and I’m freaking glowing. I wanted extra moisture and ordered the moisturizer too, and it’s insane. I’m dewy and glowing. In the midst of a pandemic with two small children, I’m feeling pretty good when I look in the mirror. Thank you." —Whitney J.

Get it from Alder New York or Verishop for $28.

24. A Forever Queer Rose T-shirt to let the world know that you're here, you're queer, and you're not going anywhere.

White t-shirt with an illustration of a rose and the words "Forever Queer" written around it

Passionfruit is a brand where all the products are curated, produced, and designed by queers for queers. They believe you should be able to show your pride all year long. This T-shirt is a collaboration with artist tigerblood. It's made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Get it from Passionfruit for $26 (available in sizes XS-3XL).

25. A small striped woven basket perfect for storing kitchen utensils or other small items you're not quite sure what to do with.

A small woven basket in white with small black vertical stripes with handles and kitchen utensils inside

Minna is a queer woman-owned business run by a team out of Hudson, New York. They have been creating ethically-made products that are beautiful since 2013. The products are created in collaboration with artisans in Central and South America. This basket is handmade in Pacasmayo, Peru using a hybrid weaving and crochet technique. The yarn used is made of 70% plastic bottles and 30% cotton mixed with 100% jute.

Get it from Minna for $80.

26. A multi-benne stain stick that can be used as both a lip or cheek tint to add a bit of color *and* moisture.


Noto is a genderless brand that creates multi-use products from consciously-sourced botanic ingredients. This stain stick is made with all organic olive fruit oil, coconut, jojoba oil, and shea butter. It also has Iron oxide, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E, neem seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, and peppermint oil. It should not be used on the eyes.

Promising review: "This was my first Noto product, and it made me fall in love with the brand. This color on my cheeks looks just like my natural flush/when my face gets hot. Layered on the lips it could get a little too bright for my style — now I wear the Genet color. I love the texture of all the Noto stains, they melt perfectly/seamlessly into the skin. I apply the stick straight on my face and blend with my fingers. The stains are pretty much scentless/tasteless, with a subtle tingle from the peppermint oil." —mae

Get it from Noto or Verishop for $18.50.

27. Some pistachio sea salt chocolate in small bite-sized portions, but be careful, they're so delicious, you might just end up eating the whole bag.

The resealable bag of pistachios
Five North Chocolate

Five North Chocolate is a certified LGBT business enterprise. The chocolate is plant-based, low in sugar, and made with fair-trade cocao. The pistachio is the best-selling flavor made with 72% dark chocolate pieces and 100% organic pistachios and a hint of sea salt.

Get a six-pack from Five North Chocolate for $29.90.

28. A custom portrait so you can take ~pride~ in whatever your family looks like and means to you.

A wall art print of a couple with a rainbow background and an actual picture of the couple next to it, showing the personalized illustration
Custom Love Studio 1 / Etsy

Custom Love Studio 1 has been creating custom portraits from Charlotte, North Carolina since 2017. You can customize the portrait with names, preferred colors, or even a special date or song lyrics.

Promising review: "Thank you so much for making a great gift for my brother and his boyfriend! They loved your artwork. Nicholas was a great seller to work with. He got me my design right away!" —Stephanie Barry

Get it from Custom Love Studio 1 for $45+ (available as a digital or 12x12 in print).

29. A geometric pattern five-panel hat everyone will be complimenting you on. No ~shade~ here, well except for the shade that comes with wearing a hat...

The hat with black and white lines and triangle print with a rectangle in the middle with the brand logo on it
Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is a conscientious company that creates menswear-inspired apparel to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. This hat is one size fits all with an adjustable strap in the back.

Promising review: "I spent weeks shopping around online, trying to find a “cool patterned hat” to no avail. When I stumbled on this one, I was happy to have found something bright, light, and designed by a bunch of dreamy, inclusive Brooklynites. I’m missing NYC from MPLS right now and was happy to support you, : ) thx!" —Gregory H.

Get it from Kirrin Finch for $35.

30. A sideways initial bracelet that's so beautiful and timeless you won't take it off for years.

Model wearing a thin gold bracelet with a small E sideways
Automic gold

Automic Gold was created to bring fine jewelry that's wearable for everyone, no matter their gender. The jewelry is made in the US and is size-inclusive and diverse. The bracelet can be worn all the time — even in water or while you sleep. The 14k gold use is reclaimed gold made from 100% recycled content. Plus, you get free shipping on all US orders.

Get it from Automic Gold for $95 (available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, four lengths, and in 26 letters and 1-9 numbers).

31. A bisexual heart shirt you can wear 365 days a year because pride isn't something that should only last a month.

Model wearing white t-shirt with a pink, purple, and blue-striped heart on the top left side
Queerly Designs / Etsy

Queerly Designs has been creating queer and pride shirts from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 2018. The shirts are printed on-demand, so it takes two to seven business days to process. A portion of sales from the month of June will go to support BLM in Philidelphia.

Promising review: "I love this shirt! It was perfect for my coming out photoshoot!❣️" —Carley Broome

Get it from Queerly Designs on Etsy for $24.99+ (available in men's sizes S-3X and in black or white).

32. Honeysuckle oil created with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to put on your skin after shaving to close pores before you get razor burn or ingrown hairs.

A bottle of yellow honeysuckle oil with a black lid
Jade & Fox Co.

Jade & Fox Co. creates skincare products using food-grade ingredients that work to provide solutions to skin-care conditions. This oil has olive oil, sunflower oil, frankincense, neem oil, and lemongrass oil in it.

Get it from Jade & Fox Co. for $17.

33. Witch hoop earrings I don't need to ~spell~ out for you how cool these are. You see them. You know.

One mint and one purple earring with a half circle that says "Witch" on it and then two gold circles and a half moon and hand with illustrations on it in the middle
Wild Fancy Design / Etsy

Wild Fancy Design has been creating unique accessories and sassy jewelry for all genders from Northampton, Massachusetts since 2014. You can get free shipping (in the US) on orders $35+. The earrings are handmade, made with recycled and vintage materials wherever possible, and the hands in the earring are laser-engraved with symbols of protection, transformation, and creativity.

Get it from Wild Fancy Design for $38+ (available in four styles and as a pair in mint, purple, or one of each).

34. A pair of swim shorts for anyone who has felt limited by the styles of swimsuits available. These are comfortable, stylish, plus practical. Now that's a win-win-win.


TomboyX creates underwear and swimsuits that any body can feel comfortable in no matter their size or gender. These swim shorts are 4.5 inches, fit-tested on all body types, have UPF 50 protection, and are made with antibacterial, odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking Chitosante treatment. They should be hand-washed and line dried.

Promising review: "These shorts are perfect. They fit just like the boxers, don't ride up, and are so comfortable for all-day wear at the beach. I have four pairs already and am getting more!" —Kate

Get it from TomboyX for $49 (available in unisex sizes XS-4X and in eight styles). And get the coordinating racerback top here.

35. A tie-dyed crop top because you are so very bad. You might not need a T-shirt to tell you that, but it won't hurt.

Model wearing the black bleach-dyed crop top with the phrase "She Bad" writing in big white letters on the front
Stuzo Clothing

Stuzo Clothing is a Black- queer-owned business that creates gender-free clothing designed to invoke thought and emotion. This shirt is hand-printed and dyed on 100% Ringspun cotton.

Promising review: "The fabric is soft and high quality, I’m obsessed with this top and this brand!" —Abigail R.

Get it from Stuzo clothing for $44+ (available in sizes S-3X).

36. A revolution ritual candle with a charged Sardonyx gemstone inside for transformation, liberation, and revolution in your own life.

The candle in a clear glass with ombre peach wax inside and a white label that says "Magic Hour Revolution" and then all the ingredients and information below it
Magic Hour Astrology / Etsy

Magic Hour Astrology has been creating ritual candles and mystical tools from Portland, Oregon since 2013. If you order two or more candles, you get a Magic hour matchbook. The candle is handmade with red-orange soy wax and infused with yarrow herb, elixir, fir essential oil and has a sardonyx gemstone inside. Plus, 100% of the profits from this candle this season are donated to Black and Pink.

Promising review: "I am obsessed with these lovely candles. <3 I ordered some as gifts and one for myself. They look gorgeous and burn beautifully. I know that the revolution candle, in particular, will be a repeat purchase for me. :)" — TheNamingOfThings

Get it from Magic Hour Astrology on Etsy for $24.

37. And a pair of absolutely breathtaking pearl-encrusted cat eye sunglasses I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw for the first time because W-O-W they are a showstopper.

Model wearing the sunglasses in white with small pearl flowers encrusted across the top and on the arms

Burkinabae is an accessory brand based out of Los Angeles, California that creates extravagant eyewear, headwraps, fringe necklaces, and statement jewelry. This pair of sunglasses is embellished with 360 crystal and faux pearl accents.

Get it from Burkinabae for $65 (available in white and brown).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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