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37 Cool Products From Queer-Owned Businesses You'll Probably Want To Add To Your Cart

A Cher-inspired candle, a graphic jumpsuit, gay cats in clothes stickers, and more amazing items from LGBTQIA+ creators.

1. A resin gold-leaf catchall dish that'll give you a ~hand~ in having a place to store your rings or keys so you can know exactly where to grab them when you're getting ready.

Small clear dish that looks like two hands coming together and holding a ring with gold inside

2. An embroidered T-shirt with the message, "sounds gay, I'm in", which is probably how you're going to respond to plans from now until forever.

Model wearing blue t-shirt with the phrase "sounds gay i'm in" embroidered in rainbow colors on the left chest

3. A tube of rainbow-colored lip gloss that dries clear but leaves your lips moisturized. Plus, when you use it, there's a 90% chance you'll start singing, "My lip gloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cool..."

Four tubes of lip gloss with rainbow gloss inside and "pridelips" printed on the front in a model's hands

4. A brass candle holder for a cool, minimalist piece that will look great hanging out on your wall.

Gold loop with two small plates with tall candles on it

5. A floral blazer that's as unique and different as you are and will have people stopping you to ask you where you got it from.

Model wearing black blazer with yellow, green, and purple small flowers on it

6. A handwoven pillowcase and insert in a beautiful pattern that will look so great as an accent on your couch.

Pillowcase with blue and white small short stripes between long single orange stripes on a quilt

7. A secure lock-pin backing you can use on all the pins on your jean jacket so you don't have to worry about them falling off randomly.

A gold pin backing on the inside of a denim jacket

8. An alive tee you'll be ~dead~ set on wearing all the time because it's simple but cute and lets people know what your vibe is.

9. Beautiful hoop and sphere earrings so beautiful, you'll plan your outfits around them so you can show them off.

Drop earrings with a clear acrylic bead and a circular gold circle underneath

10. A cross-stitch kit that comes with everything you need to craft a nice littler reminder so everyone who comes over to your home can respect what your pronouns are. 🙌

Three cross stitch loops, all with small floral design at the bottom and the one on the top left has the words "Sher, Her, Hers" the top right has the words "They, Them, Their", and the one in the middle bottom has the words "He, Him, His"

11. A tie-dye co-ord set with shorts and a T-shirt, because the tie-dye trend isn't going anywhere, but the weather is getting warmer, so now's a great time to add some comfy shorts and a T-shirt to your wardrobe.

Sweatpant shorts and a t-shirt both in grey with a blue tie-dye effect on them and the t-shirt has a small logo on the left side with a rainbow shape and the word "Flavnt" on it

12. A floral tulle duster you'll want to put on with any outfit (even jeans shorts and a tee) because it will make you feel instantly fancier.

Model wearing the 3/4th-sleeved mid-length duster in sheer blue with blue flowers embroidered all over it

13. A baby record book specifically designed for same-sex couples (and non-traditional families) to capture all the big milestones in their child's life. The book doesn't refer to "mom" and "dad" and simply refers instead to "parent" with a space for you to write in whatever is appropriate for your family.

The book displayed on a table with small illustrations in squares and the words "Baby Record Book; For All Types of Families" In the middle

14. A long-sleeved printed jumpsuit you'll ~jump~ at any chance to put on because it will make you feel fly as hell. Trust me.

Model wearing the jumpsuit with blue, red, and white circle and square pattern that looks like a kaleidoscope

15. A Worship Yourself print to hang on your wall to help remind yourself that self love is so very important and you are worthy of that and so much more.

An art print with illustration in white of crystals in the middle and flowers, candles, bones, and moons in a circle around it with the words "Worship Yourself" at the top and bottom

16. A Boy Smells Pride Prunus candle designed specifically with a gender-neutral scent because everyone deserves to burn a beautiful candle that will make their home smell good.

Candle in purple holder with the title "Prunus" and smell notes on it with a box next to it with the word "Boy Smells" on it

17. A gay cats in clothes sticker set I can guarantee when people see on your laptop, phone case, or whever else you stick them, they'll shout, "Are you ~kitten~ me?? These are ~purr-fect~." And well, they'll be right.

Five stickers of illustrations of different kinds of cats wearing hats, bows, and other clothes

18. A speckled enamelware mug you may be ~spotted~ using in every meeting you have, and then all your coworkers will start asking where they can get their own.

The mug with a lip on the top and black and white speckles

19. A glitter universal liner designed to be long-lasting and pop on all skin tones, so you'll ~glitterly~ never get enough of it. Why yes, I am wearing blue glitter eyeshadow on Monday morning at 9 a.m. because you know what, it looks great!

Model wearing blue glitter liner as eyeshadow

20. Nonbinary flag hoop earrings for a subtle nod you can wear every day, because they're simple enough to go with everything you have in your closet.

Two thin gold hoops with four small beads on them in yellow, white, purple, and black

21. A pair of swim shorts with a geometric pattern for a fun way to show off your style while hanging out at a pool or beach.

Model wearing the swim shorts with different shades of blue and white geometric rectangle print

22. A Cher-inspired votive candle with scents of jasmine, rosewater, and bell-bottoms (of course). And if you think it's too beautiful to burn, just remember what Cher would say: "Snap out of it!"

Votive candle with pink label and gold illustration of a crystal ball with the words "Cher" and "Jasmine & Rosewater" in it

23. An everyday face cleanser made with brightening glycolic acid and sea kelp meant to improve firmness, even skin tone, and make your face more radiant no matter your skin tone, type, or your gender.

Tall and thin eight fluid-ounce bottle of everyday face cleaser

24. A Forever Queer Rose T-shirt to let the world know that you're here, you're queer, and you're not going anywhere.

White t-shirt with an illustration of a rose and the words "Forever Queer" written around it

25. A small striped woven basket perfect for storing kitchen utensils or other small items you're not quite sure what to do with.

A small woven basket in white with small black vertical stripes with handles and kitchen utensils inside

26. A multi-benne stain stick that can be used as both a lip or cheek tint to add a bit of color *and* moisture.

27. Some pistachio sea salt chocolate in small bite-sized portions, but be careful, they're so delicious, you might just end up eating the whole bag.

The resealable bag of pistachios

28. A custom portrait so you can take ~pride~ in whatever your family looks like and means to you.

A wall art print of a couple with a rainbow background and an actual picture of the couple next to it, showing the personalized illustration

29. A geometric pattern five-panel hat everyone will be complimenting you on. No ~shade~ here, well except for the shade that comes with wearing a hat...

The hat with black and white lines and triangle print with a rectangle in the middle with the brand logo on it

30. A sideways initial bracelet that's so beautiful and timeless you won't take it off for years.

Model wearing a thin gold bracelet with a small E sideways

31. A bisexual heart shirt you can wear 365 days a year because pride isn't something that should only last a month.

Model wearing white t-shirt with a pink, purple, and blue-striped heart on the top left side

32. Honeysuckle oil created with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to put on your skin after shaving to close pores before you get razor burn or ingrown hairs.

A bottle of yellow honeysuckle oil with a black lid

33. Witch hoop earrings I don't need to ~spell~ out for you how cool these are. You see them. You know.

One mint and one purple earring with a half circle that says "Witch" on it and then two gold circles and a half moon and hand with illustrations on it in the middle

34. A pair of swim shorts for anyone who has felt limited by the styles of swimsuits available. These are comfortable, stylish, plus practical. Now that's a win-win-win.

35. A tie-dyed crop top because you are so very bad. You might not need a T-shirt to tell you that, but it won't hurt.

Model wearing the black bleach-dyed crop top with the phrase "She Bad" writing in big white letters on the front

36. A revolution ritual candle with a charged Sardonyx gemstone inside for transformation, liberation, and revolution in your own life.

The candle in a clear glass with ombre peach wax inside and a white label that says "Magic Hour Revolution" and then all the ingredients and information below it

37. And a pair of absolutely breathtaking pearl-encrusted cat eye sunglasses I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw for the first time because W-O-W they are a showstopper.

Model wearing the sunglasses in white with small pearl flowers encrusted across the top and on the arms

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