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16 Queer–Owned Businesses You Should Bookmark Immediately

"Bookmark this tab, bookmark this tab, bookmark this tab" — you going through this list.

1. Rebirth Garments tailors garments like shirts, pants, swimwear, and undergarments to your exact measurements because they believe there's no such thing as standard sizing.

2. Fluide creates pigmented lipsticks, moisturizing lip glosses, colorful nail polishes, and glitter.

A model applying a purple universal crayon

3. Pride Flag SD sells beautifully handmade flags, as well as nonmedical masks, so you can express and wear your pride loud and proud!

4. Bianca's Design Shop offers an array of thoughtfully designed items including pins, stickers, patches, T-shirts, and accessories to celebrate inclusivity and give back — a portion of proceeds are donated each month to incredible organizations.

5. The Geeky Knot sells crochet pride-themed items like scrunchies, hats, and beautifully sewn tote bags. The shop is also a great place to discover other wonderful finds like an avocado print infinity scarf and a cartoon Dalmatian nonmedical face mask.

6. Dapper Boi makes gender-neutral clothing with the goal being to make everyone completely comfortable in their own skin. Their high-quality button-up tops, jeans, and more are thoughtfully designed to not only look and feel good, but to provide functionality.

Three models wearing button-up tops and jeans

7. Little Pickle Memories has beautifully-made, absolutely adorable family keepsakes like baby memory books, sticker sets, and cards that suit all kinds of families for an amazing way to celebrate and cherish life's special moments.

an assortment of cards

8. Five North Chocolate sells bite-sized cubed chocolate in a variety of exciting, delicious flavors that'll satisfy your craving for a sweet snack.

The chocolates

9. GRRRL Spells makes occult-inspired queer art and accessories that'll make your witchy heart happy.

10. Otherwild collaborates with and showcases products like apparel, accessories, houseware, and more from creatives, so you're bound to find products that are unique, fun, and exciting.

Various products sold at Otherwild

11. GENDER GEMS sells colorful gender affirming art and wearables like stickers, pins, prints, and patches.

12. Wildfang makes clothing that's comfortable, durable, functional, and most importantly, is designed to help women feel empowered and unstoppable.

A model wearing a yellow pantsuit

13. Sappho Chocolates offers colorful chocolate truffles in a variety of interesting flavors, plus molded chocolate in an exciting assortment of shapes from Star Wars characters to gaming controllers.

14. Flavnt Streetwear sells apparel and accessories featuring designs and slogans you'll want to wear 24/7 (like "Be as Gay as you Want"), as well as Bareskin Binders.

15. Matriarch sustainably creates luxurious footwear that transcends gender lines and ignores traditional sizing, so everyone can find a quality pair of shoes without feeling limited due to their foot size.

16. gc2b makes thoughtfully designed chest binders that provide comfortable compression, breathe with you, are swim-friendly, and sold at affordable prices.

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