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16 Queer–Owned Businesses You Should Bookmark Immediately

"Bookmark this tab, bookmark this tab, bookmark this tab" — you going through this list.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Rebirth Garments tailors garments like shirts, pants, swimwear, and undergarments to your exact measurements because they believe there's no such thing as standard sizing.

@rebirthgarments / Via, @rebirthgarments / Via

Why they're great: Their garments are truly aimed to suit everyone — every piece is made-to-order and tailored to your exact specifications. There are no such thing as standard sizing with this brand, and if you feel the needs of your body are left out in the mainstream clothing market, Rebirth will work with you to design a prototype that works for you. They'll even design their clothing with the seams on the outside if you're someone with sensitive skin or sensory sensitivities.

Prices range from: $1—$1,000 (yes, really)

Shop the full collection on Rebirth Garments or Etsy.

2. Fluide creates pigmented lipsticks, moisturizing lip glosses, colorful nail polishes, and glitter.

A model applying a purple universal crayon
@fluidebeauty / Via

Why they're great: Their makeup is colorful, cruelty-, paraben-, and phthalate-free, vegan, and designed for all gender expressions, gender identities, and skin tones. They name their lip and nail shades after queer spaces around the globe to pay tribute to the places that are safe spaces for the LGBTQ community. Their liquid lipsticks are super pigmented, their lip gloss is nonsticky and moisturizing, and their nail polish is long-lasting and free of the seven suspicious chemicals typically found in nail polish.

Prices range from: $8—$88

Shop the full collection on Fluide.

3. Pride Flag SD sells beautifully handmade flags, as well as nonmedical masks, so you can express and wear your pride loud and proud!

Pride Flag SD / Etsy

Why they're great: They sell various different pride flags that are beautifully crafted and will look great hung up on your wall or for showing your pride wherever and whenever you'd like! They also sell pride flag non-medical face masks now, too that are washable, made of 100% cotton, have stretch elastic ear bands, and are made with two layers and a filter pocket.

Prices range from: $16—$690

Shop the full collection on Etsy.

4. Bianca's Design Shop offers an array of thoughtfully designed items including pins, stickers, patches, T-shirts, and accessories to celebrate inclusivity and give back — a portion of proceeds are donated each month to incredible organizations.

@biancadesigns / Via, @biancadesigns / Via

Why they're great: The shop is run by Bianca Negron — she's a NY-based Queer Latinx artist whose pins, stickers, patches, T-shirts, and accessories celebrate inclusivity and LGBTQ+ pride. Also, every month, Bianca's Design Shop donates proceeds from Love Knows No Gender products to an LGBTQ+ organization like GLSEN, The Trevor Project, and the Trans Women of Color Collective — you can shop the Love Knows No Gender products here and check out the full list of organizations here.

Prices range from: $0.99—$32

Shop the full collection on Bianca's Design Shop or Etsy.

5. The Geeky Knot sells crochet pride-themed items like scrunchies, hats, and beautifully sewn tote bags. The shop is also a great place to discover other wonderful finds like an avocado print infinity scarf and a cartoon Dalmatian nonmedical face mask.

The Geeky Knot / Etsy

Why they're great: The handmade pride products will make you want to hit add to cart immediately. Plus, there are some super cool nonmedical face masks, key chains, and infinity scarves that'll keep your wardrobe fresh and playful.

Prices range from: $3.50—$82

Shop the full collection on Etsy.

6. Dapper Boi makes gender-neutral clothing with the goal being to make everyone completely comfortable in their own skin. Their high-quality button-up tops, jeans, and more are thoughtfully designed to not only look and feel good, but to provide functionality.

Three models wearing button-up tops and jeans
@dapperboi / Via

Why they're great: Their clothing is gender-neutral, and made for everyday wear for androgynous individuals of all body types. Their jeans have deep front and back pockets — plus, the coin pocket is big enough to fit a large smartphone, and their button-ups have room for curves. They also added hidden snaps on the button placket so there isn't a chest gap. It's designed to help make people feel confident in their own skin — what isn't there to love about that?

Prices range from: $20—$69

Shop the full collection on Dapper Boi.

7. Little Pickle Memories has beautifully-made, absolutely adorable family keepsakes like baby memory books, sticker sets, and cards that suit all kinds of families for an amazing way to celebrate and cherish life's special moments.

an assortment of cards
@LittlePickleMemories / Via

Why they're great: The business was started when the co-owners couldn't find keepsake products after their daughter was born that suited their two-mom family. The result? Adorable memory books, stickers, cards and more for all types of families.

Prices range from: $2.59—$56.97

Shop the full collection on Etsy.

8. Five North Chocolate sells bite-sized cubed chocolate in a variety of exciting, delicious flavors that'll satisfy your craving for a sweet snack.

The chocolates
@fivenorthchocolate / Via

Why they're great: Well for starters, it's chocolate. Chocolate is great. Need I say more? These little cubed chocolate treats are fair trade and come in three delicious flavors — sea salt pistachio, goji berry, and cinnamon almond. Don't worry, if you're having a hard time choosing which one of the three to buy, you can always go with the sampler pack that allows you to taste all of them.

Price: $29.90

Shop the full collection on Five North Chocolate.

9. GRRRL Spells makes occult-inspired queer art and accessories that'll make your witchy heart happy.

GRRRL Spells / Etsy

Why they're great: The horror and occult-inspired queer art and accessories this queer, non-binary, and POC-owned Etsy shop offers is super spooky. They have pins, patches, prints, stickers, shirts, socks, and zines — time to add all the witchy things to my cart, BRB!

Prices range from: $1.92—$20.74

Shop the full collection on Etsy.

10. Otherwild collaborates with and showcases products like apparel, accessories, houseware, and more from creatives, so you're bound to find products that are unique, fun, and exciting.

Various products sold at Otherwild
@otherwild / Via

Why they're great: They offer so many awesome products from zero waste bath & body items, super cool clothing items, fun accessories, and awesome housewares — just to name a few. Otherwild collaborates with creatives and institutions to bring customers unique products, and they're dedicated to producing products that are created within ethically-sourced supply chains. They also host workshops, dance and music performances, food swaps, publication launches, and so much more.

Prices range from: $3—$525

Shop the full collection on Otherwild.

11. GENDER GEMS sells colorful gender affirming art and wearables like stickers, pins, prints, and patches.


Why they're great: Through the use of color, trans artist and shop owner, Shawn, creates incredible stickers, pins, prints, and patches to provide positive representation for trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals.

Prices range from: $2—$20

Shop the full collection on Etsy.

12. Wildfang makes clothing that's comfortable, durable, functional, and most importantly, is designed to help women feel empowered and unstoppable.

A model wearing a yellow pantsuit
@wearewildfang / Via

Why they're great: The queer female-founded brand has a slogan that a "womxn has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants," and we one thousand percent agree. Their clothing is made to help empower, feel comfortable, stay durable, and act functional. Fun fact: in 2018, they raised over $400K for charities that support reproductive, immigrant, and women's/human rights.

Prices range from: $10—$188

Shop the full collection on Wildfang.

13. Sappho Chocolates offers colorful chocolate truffles in a variety of interesting flavors, plus molded chocolate in an exciting assortment of shapes from Star Wars characters to gaming controllers.

Sappho Chocolates

Why they're great: Well, one... because chocolate, but two, because their chocolate is so different and unique from what you'd find elsewhere. Their truffles are super pretty and colorful and come in a variety of flavors like Rocking Raspberry, Mayan Spice, and Orange You Great, and vegan/sugar-free options. They have specially shaped chocolates like R2D2, game controllers, and frogs (close your eyes and pretend you're eating them on the Hogwarts Express).

Prices range from: $12.99—$59.99

Shop the full collection on Sappho Chocolates.

14. Flavnt Streetwear sells apparel and accessories featuring designs and slogans you'll want to wear 24/7 (like "Be as Gay as you Want"), as well as Bareskin Binders.

@flavnt_streetwear / Via, @flavnt_streetwear / Via

Why they're great: This queer-owned store was founded by identical twins Courtney and Chris Rhodes, who identify as lesbian and trans. FLAVNT is based in Austin, Texas and offers clothing suited for everyone within and anyone who supports the LGBTQ+ community. Their goal is to create clothes that promote feeling confident, having pride in who you are, and being comfortable with flaunting it to the world. They also work to fundraise money for trans individuals to help ease the burden of medical bills from surgery and have helped 12 people so far!

Prices range from: $27.99—$44.99

Shop the full collection on Flavnt Streetwear.

15. Matriarch sustainably creates luxurious footwear that transcends gender lines and ignores traditional sizing, so everyone can find a quality pair of shoes without feeling limited due to their foot size.


Why they're great: This sister duo-owned company creates high-quality, sustainably made, classically inspired footwear that transcends gender lines, because they believe foot size shouldn't limit style or quality options. Another cool thing about this brand is that at the start of the pandemic, they donated 100% of proceeds from T-shirt, socks, and pin sales to fellow footwear industry members and members of the LGBTQ community in need. They also donated 25% of proceeds from footwear sales to The Two Ten Footwear Foundation,, and Sonntags Club.

Prices range from: $12—$359

Shop the full collection on Matriarch.

16. gc2b makes thoughtfully designed chest binders that provide comfortable compression, breathe with you, are swim-friendly, and sold at affordable prices.


Why they're great: This trans-owned and operated brand makes high-quality chest binders at affordable prices. They feature a patented front and back, double panel, mixed material design that create a flat appearance through superior tissue distribution as well as comfortable compression. They're swim-friendly, made to breathe with you, and come in two styles and 11 colors.

Prices range from: $4—$48

Shop the full collection on gc2b.

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