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30 Products From Queer-Owned Businesses You Probably Never Knew You Needed Until Now

A mix of fun, stylish, and useful things made by LGBTQIA+ artists and designers.

1. A rainbow-colored lip gloss (that dries clear), because people say this smells *heavenly* thanks to its sweet cherry scent and hydrating almond oil.

The tube of rainbow-patterned lipgloss

2. A chic cloud-patterned mask that'll easily make all your outfits a little trendier — sweatpants included. Plus, it's more sustainable than disposable alternatives!

Model wearing the neon green and white cloud-patterned face mask

3. Or! A cotton face mask in various pride patterns so you can boast your love of being trans, bi, pan, gay, or lesbian wherever you go.

The face masks in trans pride colors and bi pride colors

4. A set of (frozen) vegan hot dogs for getting your grill on, even if you're a vegetarian or vegan. Their ingredients are simple: fresh beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, gluten-free flours, herbs, and spices. The result? Finally having your own delicious plate (that tastes like the real deal!) at your family's BBQ.

Hand holding the vegan hot dogs

5. A "the future is inclusive" T-shirt, because all other *statement pieces* are now irrelevant. Unless they're a way to express pride, we don't want them.

Model wearing the T-shirt that says "the future is inclusive" in rainbow lettering

6. A jar of rainbow-infused glitter you can wear on your lips, eyes, cheeks, really wherever to make your looks ✨shine✨ every darn day of the week. Consider this a permanent part of your routine.

7. A Chromat velvet bodysuit so you can essentially live in luxury once you realize you can wear this for just about every situation. Not only is it a head-turning top, but it's actually ~swimwear~. It's swim-ready, quick-dry, and holds its shape when wet. Worth the splurge, if you ask me.

Model wearing the hot pink velvet bodysuit with a mesh cutout on the chest

8. An enamel pin in the form of ~Gay's~ flaming hot chips, because you truly are a snack and should always get recognition as such.

Hand holding the "gays flaming hot" chip bag pin

9. A pair of extra comfortable bike shorts that'll prove to be superior to all your other athleisure for multiple reasons. They're designed to feel incredibly soft and stretchy but secure (aka no slipping here), have full 👏 size 👏 pockets, prevent chafing and allow full movability, and even offer a bit of compression.

Model wearing the bike shorts in black

10. A space shuttle charm inspired by NASA so your arm candy always looks extra ~fly~, yet is dainty enough to wear every day. Or! You can attach it to hoops or a necklace chain to keep it *versatile*.

Model wearing the silver space shuttle charm in silver

11. A baby record book designed with same-sex parents in mind for capturing all your child's biggest milestones, like their first steps, birthdays, and family vacations. It doesn't refer to parents as mom and dad, instead it simply uses "parent," with your own space to add "what you know me as!"

The baby record book

12. A pair of trans pride flag-patterned boxer briefs so you can stock up on the comfiest underwear — they're extra long for chafe prevention, have a stay-put, silky soft waistband, and are made of stretch-blend cotton.

Three models wearing the trans pride flag boxer briefs

13. A travel mug, because fueling up on Gay Juice is crucial when dismantling gender binary beliefs. Delicious.

The stainless steel mug that says "gay juice" with a rainbow

14. A spooky iron-on patch that'll really put the ~nail in the coffin~ when it comes to finding the best way to describe yourself. And now you can emblazon it on your chest (or jacket, backpack, you get it).

The iron-on patch that says "gay and tired"

15. A plastic-free conditioner so you can both eliminate waste ~and~ product buildup in your hair. It's great for all hair types, including thick and dry (this'll provide extra conditioning), and will infuse your tresses with the likes of shea butter, vitamin B5, and coconut oil.

The bag of solid conditioner

16. A pronouns cross stitch kit for proudly hang up in your home so people get 👏 it 👏 right 👏. In this house, we respect people's preferred pronouns!

The embroidery hoops that say "she, her, hers", "they, them, their", and "he, him, his"

17. A bucket hat with A Tribe Called Queer's logo on the front to let everyone you see know two things right away: you're proudly queer, and have impeccable style.

Model wearing the black bucket hat

18. A '70s-inspired ~future of love~ poster, because if our home decor celebrates the power of love, it BETTER include it in every beautiful form.

The rainbow poster with the title "future of love"

19. A pair of gorgeous vegan leather overalls that'll solidify your reputation as a style icon. Feel free to wear this every darn week — it can be styled in a million different ways.

Model wearing the vegan leather overalls

20. A Phluid Project perfume designed with both "feminine" and "masculine" scents. First, you'll be greeted with notes of young rosebuds, mingled with spicy pink pepper and glossy-sweet cherry. Then! Comes the musky scent of cedarwood, saffron, and tonka bean. Not only does it smell amazing, but its essential oils will moisturize your skin.

Model holding the perfume

21. A one-piece swimsuit so you can feel comfortable *and* stylish at the beach, especially if you currently feel extremely limited in your bathing suit options. Its fabric is compressive, smoothing, and supportive, PLUS it provides 50+ UV protection and is chlorine-resistant!

22. Or! A pair of swim trunks made with every body in mind for a totally care-free pool day. They feature a drawstring waist for a more effortless fit, have soft, quick-dry fabric, and are extra breathable and moveable.

Models wearing the swim trunks in two lengths

23. A bagel-baking kit delivered straight from NYC to have your fill of the quintessential breakfast, even if you're not in the neighborhood. Can you now call yourself Chef? Absolutely.

24. A chic floor pillow, because this'll give your living room an easy update with a touch of modern decor. And now you have a little extra seating other than just, you know, the floor itself.

The floor pillow with an illustration of a face

25. A nonbinary cowash that'll work especially well on curl patterns 2c-4c. It simultaneously washes and conditions, leaving your scalp feeling squeaky clean, and your curls hydrated and defined.

The cowash

26. A "gender roles are dead" cutoff tank so we can spread the word that those rules are officially long gone. May they never come back to haunt us.

Model wearing the "gender roles are dead" tank top in black

27. A pair of hand-stamped collar chains with the words "both" and "and" for adding a bit of gorgeous finery to your ensembles — consider this a foolproof way to look amazingly dapper.

The collar chain with the words "both" and "and"

28. A cotton bodysuit to make your outfits pop, whether when wearing this alone or with bottoms. It's made of super soft, stretchy material, and has a stay-flat snap crotch to keep you comfy all darn day.

Models wearing the bodysuits in black and rainbow

29. A splurge-worthy vegan leather bag featuring a double strap (handle and cross-body straps), because this'll quickly become your favorite everyday tote. You can use it in lieu of shopping bags, weekend bags, the options are limitless.

The tote in yellow

30. A ~gays of the week~ T-shirt that'll make sure you can show off your pride every single day — you may have to wash it every once in awhile, but let nothing stop you.

Model wearing the "gays of the week" T-shirt with every day ending in "gay"

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