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19 Minor Queer Characters Who Were Better Than The Protagonist

They were bettero than the heteros.

1. Cynthia Rose from Pitch Perfect.

2. Mulan from Once Upon A Time.

3. Pussy Galore from Goldfinger.

4. Arthie and Yolanda from GLOW.

5. Oscar Martinez from The Office.

6. Lucy and Sunrise from You.

7. Gabe from You.

8. Carol from Friends.

9. Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada.

10. Patti from Under the Tuscan Sun.

11. Craig from Parks and Recreation.

12. Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek.

13. Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones.

14. Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones.

15. Joyce from Mad Men.

16. Omar from The Wire.

17. Oliver T'sien from Crazy Rich Asians.

18. Damian from Mean Girls.

19. Valerie, V for Vendetta.

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