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33 TV Characters Whose Coming Out Scenes Resonated With A Lot Of People

"I like the wine and not the label. Does that make sense?"

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV characters had memorable coming out scenes. Here are some of the best responses:

🚨Obviously massive spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, on Stranger Things, when Robin explained to Steve that she liked Tammy Thompson.


"I related to her so much as a character before knowing she is gay, and to see her come out and be so vulnerable with Steve gave me the representation I didn’t know I needed."


2. On One Day at a Time, when Elena told Penelope that she felt more when she looked at Kristen Stewart than when she kissed a boy.

Netflix / Pop

"This scene somehow made me bawl my eyes out, while also laughing hysterically in the span of three minutes. It is so realistic and relatable, and isn't smothered by cheesy and predictable dialogue. It couldn't have been more perfect."


3. On Schitt's Creek, when Patrick told his parents that he was dating David and has never been happier.


"The way they show him so much love with absolutely no hate at all is so incredible. They accept him without a second thought and just want their son to be happy."


4. And on Schitt's Creek, when David explained his pansexuality to Stevie with this incredible wine metaphor.


"When David explained pansexuality to Stevie with a wine analogy, it was like a lightbulb went off for me. I was like, 'Wow, that was the best explanation for pansexuality that I’ve ever heard.'"


5. On This Is Us, when Tess told Kate that she wanted a girlfriend, and then when she came out to Randall and Beth.


"I thought it was so sweet how the first person she shared it with was Kate, because you never really saw much of that relationship before this moment. Then, when she comes out to Beth and Randall, it is so touching because you could tell they are supportive and only want the best for her."


6. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Darryl iconically sang "Gettin' Bi."

The CW

"It came out unexpected, but I absolutely loved it. It is hilarious, raw, and honest. Pete Gardner crushed it."


7. On Supergirl, when Alex told Kara that she had feelings for Maggie and realized she's felt this way about women for a long time.

The CW

"Alex had the most relatable coming out in the history of television for me. The fact that she comes out and understands and accepts herself in adulthood is amazing. It shows that there isn't a right time in life to find out about your sexuality and that is okay. I think that it's beautiful."


8. Also on Supergirl, when Nia, as Dreamer, told the world that she is a trans woman.

The CW

"When she tells James she is trans, I was nearly in tears. Then, when she does the live TV segment and tells everyone that she's a trans superhero. She is such an underrated character and Nicole Maines is also amazing."


9. On Never Have I Ever, when Fabiola told Eleanor she is gay, and Eleanor asked which Kristen Stewart character she loved.


"I just have to say that of Eleanor's reaction to Fabiola coming out gets me. As a person whose sexual awakening was Kristen Stewart in Charlie's Angels, I have literally never felt more seen."


10. On Elite, when Omar told his parents that Ander was actually his boyfriend.


"He is so hesitant to come out to his family at first but once he does, it seems like he instantly feels free. Although it takes his family some time, I am happy with how they finally begin to accept him and speak about it openly with him."


11. On Grey's Anatomy, when Callie confronted her father after he didn't accept her relationship with Arizona.


"She was one of the first TV characters to come out as bi and I admired her strength so much. It wasn’t when Callie introduces Arizona to her dad that hit me hard, but it is when her dad brought a priest with him to try to 'cure' Callie and she tells him 'You can’t pray away the gay!' The writing in this scene is great, but Sara Ramirez’s delivery is just wow!"


12. On Shameless, when Mickey came out to a bar filled with his friends and family, and then beat up his dad when he refused to accept his relationship with Ian.


"He went from being this cold bully who was scared of his sexuality and of his abusive father to the man who fell in love with Ian, stood up to his asshole father, and told everyone loud and clear that he’s gay. It was the most defining moment from the show for me and I’ll always remember the moment Mickey was no longer ashamed of who he was."


13. On Batwoman, when Sophie came out to her mother, who heartbreakingly didn't approve.

The CW

"As a straight man, I’ve probably not seen as many coming out scenes as others, but the most powerful one I've seen is Sophie coming out to her mom on Batwoman. It broke my heart hearing her mom say how disappointed she is, not just because she is gay, but because she is already a Black woman and her mom feels that she is 'adding this on top of it.'"


14. On Dead to Me, when Jen noticed that Judy really liked Michelle.


"When Judy starts dating Michelle and it wasn’t a big discussion. Jen says that she is happy for her and that's it. Simple and sweet."


15. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Rosa came out to her parents during dinner.


"I myself am a bisexual Latina woman and her coming out scene was so similar to my experience of coming out. I was also told I still had the chance to marry a man and that my sexual orientation was just a phase. To this day I still can’t watch this scene without choking up."


16. On Shadowhunters, when Alec kissed Magnus for the first time in front of everyone at his own wedding.


"It's romantic, but also so powerful because Alec always allowed his life to be ruled by what others expected of him before this moment. The look of determination on his face before he goes to Magnus, the iconic 'Enough' to his mother, and him saying to her that it doesn't have anything to do with her. He also stands his ground despite her reaction, which is amazing."


17. On Glee, when Santana told her grandmother how much she loved Brittany.


"The conversation with her grandmother killed me. Their relationship meant everything to her but because she didn't want her to find out another way, Santana chooses to tell her. It's emotional and vulnerable, but shows how some people just don't agree."


18. Also on Glee, when Kurt realized that he could be anything and told his dad he is gay.


"It was so hard for him to come out to his dad, and then he gets wrapped in his dad’s love and acceptance. It was the most heartwarming parent-child coming out scene I have ever seen, and I love it."


19. On The Bold Type, when Kat came out to Jane and Sutton as bisexual after having sex with a guy.


"When she came out the first time it is really great, but also when she later comes out as bisexual it's amazing. The Bold Type really handles this topic well."


20. On Ugly Betty, when Justin danced with Austin at Hilda's wedding reception.


"Justin's coming out gave me hope as a kid that I could successfully come out to my family. Their support is so beautiful and refreshing to see."


21. On Little Fires Everywhere, when Izzy revealed to Elena that she dated April for a year without her knowing.


"Elena spends all season denying Izzy's sexuality, but Izzy actually coming out finally cements it. This scene is so emotional and the whole show is amazing."


22. On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, when Mac created a super moving dance to explain to his dad how he felt.


"He couldn’t find the words so he performs this incredibly emotional dance to try and show his dad how he feels inside. A rare and heartbreaking moment on a typically crass show that usually makes a joke out of absolutely everything."


23. On Sex Education, when Eric confidently told his dad that this is who he is and he's proud of it.


"It's not a traditional 'coming out scene,' but when Eric’s dad accepts Eric while dropping him off at the school dance and realizes that this is who he is and he needs to be there for him. The line 'maybe I’m learning from my brave son' made me cry! Such a beautiful and important moment in both of their lives!"


24. On BoJack Horseman, when Todd finally said that he is asexual out loud.


"I like Todd's self-discovery and coming out as asexual. His friends took it very well and helped educate me, an aromantic asexual, about how they can fall in love and there's more of us than we think. I've only met one other person in my life so far."


25. On Pretty Little Liars, when Emily came out to her dad while he was home.


"It is probably the most realistic coming out scene I've seen and it was very similar to mine. TV tends to forget that people aren't usually just immediately accepted, no questions. It takes time for our loved ones to adjust their expectations of what they thought our lives would be like and come around to full acceptance."


26. On Good Girls, when Ben told Annie that he is a boy and Annie said she always wanted a son.


"Annie just helped deliver her ex-husband's child, and when she tells Ben, 'It's a boy,' he replies, 'So am I.' It is so simple, but really raw and powerful."


27. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Willow told Buffy that she liked Tara.

Warner Bros.

"It feels very real and natural when she comes out to her friends. Although she makes references to being a lesbian, it also seems to touch on pansexuality as she came out as loving Tara specifically rather than just other women. I got the impression that she just loved people for who they were regardless of gender identity. Also, at the time, it was cool to have representation. Yes, the show has a lesbian character, but that isn't what defined Willow. It is just part of who Willow is and everyone accepts her without question."


28. On Wynonna Earp, when Waverly simply asked Wynonna if girls also liked scars.


"Waverly very casually asks if chicks dig scars too. It is just so subtle, but Wynonna understands and doesn't make a big deal out of it. It is perfect."


29. On The Get Down, when Shao learned about Dizzee and Thor, and simply said that he had him.


"Dizzee looks so damn scared and so terrified about what Shao’s reaction is going to be. They end up having a subtle conversation on the motorcycle and it’s such a quiet and little moment, but it’s stuck with me. It might not be a conventional coming out TV scene, no one labels themselves, but it feels really honest and real to me. It’s so well done."


30. On Arrow, when William got the chance to tell Oliver he was gay after going back in time.

The CW

"When William and Mia shockingly end up in the past and William has the chance to come out to Oliver. It is just so sweet and Oliver is so accepting of him."


31. On Atypical, when Casey finally kissed Izzie after Izzie revealed that she had feelings for her.


"Just the perfect buildup and her confused feelings about it are so real! I’m stoked to see where the show continues to go with Casey's story."


32. On Derry Girls, when Clare told Erin that she was the one who wrote the essay about being a lesbian.


"It shows that while the path to coming out can be bumpy and those close to you may not understand at first, you will still experience love and acceptance later on. Coming out of the closet is not always easy, and I think that it's important to share those stories too, so people can find solace in stories that match their own."


33. And finally, on Riverdale, when Cheryl told Toni about loving a girl when she was younger, but her family didn't approve.

The CW

"Cheryl coming out to Toni gets me every time. She's always been so cold-hearted, but she is so emotional and vulnerable here and you could feel her pain. Madelaine Petsch did a really good job in this scene."


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