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19 Times Kate McKinnon Proved She Is, In Fact, A National Treasure

Who wants to join my Kate McKinnon appreciation club???

1. When she gave this touching speech honoring Ellen at the 2020 Golden Globes:

Kate talking about how scary it was to realize she was gay and how seeing Ellen on TV was the only thing that made it less scary.

2. When she proved dreams do come true by dressing up as Gillian Anderson's X-Files character — Dana Scully — as a kid...

Kate McKinnon, we have something in common & it's not slimy green things. #Ghostbusters #thefutureisfemale


Kate McKinnon and Gillian Anderson in "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

4. Speaking of The Spy Who Dumped Me, her character Morgan was absolutely iconic and stole the whole dang movie.

Can we get a sequel, or at the very least a Morgan spin-off, please??

5. When she showed her nerdy side in this positively adorable video from the Ghostbusters red carpet:

We stan a queen who supports women in science!

6. TBH, her entire performance as Holtzmann in Ghostbusters is a gift to humankind.

Give this movie the respect it deserves!

7. When she gave us this (and many more!) iconic walk-outs on Live with Kelly and Ryan that are guaranteed to give you an immediate boost of serotonin.

Kate McKinnon on the floor for her silly walkout before her "Live with Kelly and Ryan" appearance

8. When she reminded us that she's not on social media because she's basically a grandma when it comes to technology.

Kate explaining she doesn't know what emojis are or how to use them. She can make a smiley face with a colon and a parenthesis, though.

9. When she won her first Emmy for her work on SNL and was so shocked, she could barely speak.

Kate freaking out and crying over her first Emmy win. "Ok, thank you to the academy so much. Good sentence"

10. And when she won AGAIN the next year too, proving that she is the queen of all things funny.

11. When her fashion sense was 3,000% relatable.

Kate explaining she feels sexiest when she's wearing her fashion sweats.

12. When she and her son, Nino Positano, were the most iconic duo in all of history.

Kate holding her cat inside her hoodie

13. When she was so gosh dang funny, she kept making Ryan Gosling break character on SNL.

14. Speaking of SNL, let's talk about the fact that she is the QUEEN of impressions. Her Ruth Bader Ginsburg? UNMATCHED!

15. Her Hillary Clinton impression? Flawless.

16. Every impression is spot on. LOOK! AT! THIS! RANGE! Y'ALL!

A side by side of Kate's impressions and the people she played on "SNL"

17. She even went on Ellen's own talk show and did an Ellen impression so good, she was more Ellen than Ellen herself.

18. When she met Beyoncé and Jay Z for the first time and was literally all of us:

Kate explaining she and her sister were nervous to meet Beyoncé and not knowing what to talk about. Kate's freaked out and pretended she had something on her pants.

19. And finally, when she brought her mom on SNL and apologized for being such a peculiar kid.

Kate apologizing for reenacting the shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco as a kid instead of playing princesses, and her mom saying that being weird is what got her on "SNL".

In conclusion:

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