These 20 "SNL" Cast Members Easily Beat Out All Those Before And After Them

    So many great talents have passed through the Saturday Night Live cast that it's truly hard to rank the best of the best

    Saturday Night Live is a major institution in comedy. And while it may not be everyone's ~thing~, there's no denying it has spawned some serious talent.

    Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Darrell Hammond, Will Forte, Chris Parnell, Fred Armisen, Jimmy Fallon, Finesse Mitchell, Horatio Sanz, and Kenan Thompson

    SNL's brightest talent have dominated screens big and small, taken the stage by storm, and even conquered late night.

    Of all the talents to come and go from Studio 8H, these 20 are truly the best of the best.

    20. Cheri Oteri

    Will Ferrell as Craig Buchanan, Cheri Oteri as Arianna during "Basketball Game" skit on December 16, 1995

    19. Mike Myers

    Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell, Dana Carvey as Garth Algar during the "Wayne's World" skit on February 17, 1990

    18. Bill Hader

    Bill Hader as Stefon, Seth Meyers during "Weekend Update"

    17. Chevy Chase

    Chevy Chase during "Weekend Update"

    16. Molly Shannon

    Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallaher, Will Ferrell as emcee during the 'Fresh Face Modeling Contest' skit on February 24, 1996

    15. Jan Hooks

    Jan Hooks as Dee Kelly and Nora Dunn as Linda Dano during "Attitudes" skit on November 18, 1989

    14. Norm MacDonald

    Norm MacDonald during the 'Weekend Update' skit on April 15, 1995

    13. Maya Rudolph

    Maya Rudolph as Oprah Winfrey during the "Oprah" skit on February 7, 2004

    12. Bill Murray

    Paul Shaffer, Bill Murray as Nick Summers during the 'Nick Summers' skit on April 16, 1977

    11. Dana Carvey

    Dana Carvey as Church Lady during "Church Chat" skit

    10. Phil Hartman

    Phil Hartman as Michael Eisner during "A Message from Michael Eisner" skit on October 02, 1993

    9. Darrell Hammond

    Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery during "Jeopardy!" skit on December 16, 2000

    8. Tina Fey

    Tina Fey during "Weekend Update" on December 16, 2000

    7. Jane Curtin

    Jane Curtin does the Weekend Update in a "Saturday Night Live" skit

    6. Gilda Radner

    Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna during "Weekend Update" sketch on April 7, 1979

    5. Will Ferrell

    Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkle, Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickinson during "Behind the Music" skit on April 8, 2000

    4. John Belushi

    john belushi on SNL

    3. Dan Aykroyd

    Jane Curtin as Prymaat Conehead, Dan Aykroyd as Beldar Conehead, Laraine Newman as Connie Conehead during the 'The Coneheads At Home' skit on January 15, 1977

    2. Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy during the 'Weekend Update' on December 13, 1980

    1. Chris Farley

    Chris Rock as Onski, Chris Farley as B Fats during the 'I'm Chillin'' skit on December 2, 1991

    Your top twenty may vary, so tell us what yours looks like in the comments!