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    15 Of Kate McKinnon's Impressions That Are So Perfect They Deserve A Round Of Applause

    Is Kate McKinnon a shapeshifter? Uncertain.

    It's no secret that Kate McKinnon is the resident queen of impressions on SNL. She's played literally everyone from political figures to pop culture icons. Let's take a look back at some of her best impressions thus far, shall we?


    1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    NBC / Getty Images

    Honestly there's nothing more iconic than Kate yelling "YOU'VE BEEN GINSBURNED!" in the middle of her "Weekend Update" appearances — even RBG herself agrees. You can watch it here or see all her RGB impressions here.

    2. Justin Bieber

    NBC / Calvin Klein

    The bottom image is from Justin Bieber's 2015 Calvin Klein ad with Lara Stone and the top is SNL's take on it. If you haven't seen this sketch — or even if it's been a while — do yourself a favor and watch it. I really can't decide which is more ridiculous. You can also watch all of Kate's Justin Bieber impressions here.

    3. Hillary Clinton


    Kate's probably best known for her portrayal of Hilary Clinton during the 2016 election. You can watch all her Hillary Clinton sketches here.

    4. Ellen DeGeneres

    NBC / Via

    Kate's played Ellen on SNL in everything from a Kid's Choice Awards sketch to Jurassic Park auditions, but it's really something to see her Ellen impression on Ellen's own talk show, which you can watch here.

    5. Betsy DeVos

    NBC / Getty Images

    Kate's impression of US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is pretty killer, too — especially the confirmation hearing sketch. You can watch it here or find all of Kate's Betsy DeVos impressions here.

    6. Lisa Kudrow


    Kate's only played Lisa Kudrow in one digital — Jurassic Park auditions, which you can watch here — but we really don't talk about it enough tbh. MUST MOVE FASTER!

    7. Elizabeth Warren

    NBC / PBS

    Kate's Elizabeth Warren impression is basically perfect. You can watch all her Elizabeth Warren sketches here.

    8. Rudy Guiliani

    NBC / Getty Images

    There's something about Kate's impression of Rudy Guiliani that really nails his overall ~vibe.~ You can find all her Rudy Guiliani impressions here.

    9. Kellyanne Conway

    NBC / Getty Images

    Kate's played Kellyanne Conway in everything from an It parody to a musical number, so I think it's safe to say Kate's got the impression down. You can watch them all here.

    10. Theresa May

    NBC / Getty Images

    Kate's only played Theresa May a few times, but SNL's "A Day In The Life Of Theresa May" digital is *chef's kiss.* Sara Bareilles singing "She Used To Be Mine," Kate dancing in a Union Jack one-piece, a Kit Harrington cameo...what more can you ask for? You can watch it here or find all her Theresa May impressions here.

    11. Robert Mueller

    NBC / Getty Images

    Before Robert De Niro began making guest appearances on SNL whenever Mueller was in a sketch, Kate played him! Her giant prosthetic jaw will never not be funny; way to go, SNL wardrobe team! You can watch all her Robert Mueller impressions here.

    12. Angela Merkel

    NBC / Getty Images

    Angela Merkel is, of course, one of Kate's staple impressions since she joined the show and she's still killin' it. You can watch all of her Angela Merkel impressions here.

    13. Jeff Sessions

    NBC / Getty Images

    Kate's impression of Jeff Sessions somehow makes all the chaos since 2016 a little more bearable. You can watch all of her Jeff Sessions impressions here.

    14. Joy Behar

    NBC / ABC

    Kate and the lovely ladies of SNL truly have the cast of The View down to a science, it seems. You can watch SNL's hilarious take on Pete Buttigieg's recent The View appearance here and find all her Joy Behar impressions here.

    15. And finally, Nancy Pelosi

    NBC / Getty Images

    While it's a newer impression of Kate's, I've gotta admit it's pretty spot on. You can watch her latest "Weekend Update" appearance here or see all her Nancy Pelosi impressions here.

    Here's to many more incredible impressions from Kate!


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