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Kate McKinnon Shared Her Very Awkward Encounter With Beyoncé At The Golden Globes And It's Honestly Hilarious

"We live in one-bedroom apartments in New York City, what can we say? Do you use Hello Fresh? What kind of milk do you like to drink?"

On Sunday night, Beyoncé blessed us all when she rocked up to the Golden Globes alongside husband Jay-Z.


Of course, everybody in the vicinity was excited to hear of the queen's arrival because Beyoncé is basically a celebrity to celebrities at this point.

“Where’s Beyoncé”. 👀 #GoldenGlobes

Jay and Bey arrived slightly late and were pictured standing at the back of the room while Kate McKinnon gave a speech honouring Ellen DeGeneres.

. @Beyonce and Jay-Z just walked in. They're waiting until Kate McKinnon finishes speaking to take their seats. Is their bodyguard carrying bottles of alc for them?

If you look closely, the couple's bodyguard can be seen holding what looks like two bottles of Ace of Spades, the champagne brand that Jay-Z casually owns.

At this point, I think it's necessary to give props to Kate McKinnon, who didn't falter when Queen Bey entered the room or pass out on the spot when she applauded her speech.

😭👏🏾 Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave Kate McKinnon a standing O for her #GoldenGlobes speech: “If I hadn't seen [Ellen DeGeneres] on TV, I would have thought, ‘...They don’t let LGBT people be on TV.’ ... I would have gone on thinking ... that maybe I didn't have a right to be here.”

In fact, Kate and Beyoncé ended up sitting at the same table. But, just like many celebs before her, Kate didn't quite know what to do or say when the time came to meet Beyoncé for the first time.

The Ellen Show

"They're the king and queen of America," Kate said of Jay and Beyoncé in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres. "They were unbelievably gracious, but my sister and I found out that we were gonna be at their table and started panicking."

The Ellen Show

I mean, you would panic if you found out Beyoncé was going to be sat next to you, right? It's possible that I would cease to exist on the spot.

Revealing that she and her sister made a list of things to talk about when they met the couple, Kate continued: "We live in one-bedroom apartments in New York City, what can we say? Do you use Hello Fresh? What kind of milk do you like to drink?"

The Ellen Show

But Kate's sister abandoned the list and went off-script. "My sister went right over and has balls of steel and was just great and Beyoncé was so nice."

The Ellen Show

Kate, on the other hand? Well, things didn't go quite as smoothly. She said: "I was just such a... I just pretended I had something on my pants. I blew it. I blew it."

The Ellen Show

When Ellen reminded Kate that she works with big celebs every week on Saturday Night Live, she hilariously responded: "Not Beyoncé. We all know that’s different. We all know."

The Ellen Show

You can watch Kate tell the story for yourself here.

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