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    Just 20 Cool Gifts You Can Get From Queer-Owned Businesses

    Stickers, tote bags, and more goodies. 🏳️‍🌈

    1. A holographic Queer Magic sticker you'll want to display on your laptop, phone case, and car bumper.

    Holographic stickers that say "Queer Magic"

    2. A gorgeous handmade neck strap that'll go with all your fave wardrobe essentials, including button-down shirts and denim jumpsuits.

    Models wear patterned neck straps with a red dress and denim jumpsuit

    3. An icons notebook set, so you can pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and more amazing women who run the world. 👏

    4. A monthly tea box subscription for sampling oolong, chai, and more flavorful teas. You'll get to hand pick a bunch of flavors that pair well with cookies and more goodies.

    Three loose tea bags inside a Paru Tea Bar monthly subscription box

    5. A pair of cozy socks to wear with sneakers and chunky sandals. They're made with Peruvian combed cotton, nylon, and spandex, so you can be ~on your feet~ without discomfort.

    6. Swim trunks that are so dang comfortable, breathable, and stylish for hot beach days. You'll also stay sweat-free with this piece of beachwear, thanks to its quick-dry fabric.

    Model wears Humankind Swim navy blue swim trunks with a blue and white lined pattern

    7. Vibrant glitter, because it's been a minute since you've added some sparkle to your makeup routine. Apply this cruelty-free and vegan formula to your eyelids, cheeks, and lips for a shimmery look.

    8. A mini crocheted backpack, so you can put a smile on everyone's face during Pride and beyond.

    Model wears smiley crocheted mini backpack on their back

    9. A Queer Scout badge to gift to yourself and everyone else in your troop. It'll look ~sew~ good on a vest, beanie, or backpack.

    10. A "really going places" tie bar, because sometimes you need a lil' daily reminder that says *you got this.*

    Tie bar that says "really going places" clipped onto a black tie

    11. A highlighter stick to give you a glowing, sun-kissed complexion all year long. This beauty treat also doubles up as a shimmery balm for your lips.

    12. A bisexual pride pin that'll be the perf addition to your jean jacket or tote bag.

    A bisexual pride pin pinned to a denim jacket

    13. A handmade soy candle, because it'll make your home smell heavenly (hello lavender, berry, and more soothing scents) while you enjoy some "me time."

    Assorted handmade soy candles that say "Studio Kendell" with a butterfly logo on the front

    14. A love knot ring that's pretty and versatile enough to wear everyday. Slip this gold beauty on alone or stack it with your fave rings.

    15. A tank top with a beautiful message and soft fabric that'll keep you cool *and* comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

    Model wears white tank top with gold letters that say "Trans Is Beautiful"

    16. A vinyl sticker pack, because you can gift these cute chip bag, heart, and cat-shaped babies to your BFFs or show 'em off on your laptop.

    A pack of colorful stickers that say "Hetero-Normativity Is A Cult," "Queer," and "Live Your Best Life"

    17. A tropical-printed hat that channels major summer vibes and will give you a lil' shade from the sun.

    Model wears a blue and pink tropical-printed hat with a white sweatshirt

    18. A "Love Always Wins" T-shirt, so you can show support for friends and loved ones with your #OOTD. 💖

    Model with yellow shirt that says "Love Always Wins" standing in the sun

    19. A roomy tote bag that's inspired by the "We are Everywhere" pin and LGBTQ milestones. This will be your go-to carry-all because it can fit chargers, keys, wallets, and more essentials.

    Model carries black tote bag that says "We Are Everywhere" in yellow letters

    20. A baby memory book for all families: Cherish your little one's milestones and moments with this adorable keepsake, which comes with colorful illustrations and writing boxes.

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