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17 "Growing Up Gay" Tweets I Probably Laughed A Little Too Hard At

Guilty as charged, your honor.

Growing up gay is, shall we say, a unique experience. But looking back, it's also clear that many of us* had a lot in common. So in celebration of Pride Month, here are some of the funniest tweets about growing up gay.

*But not everyone, so please don't yell at me in the comments.



growing up gay in a red state is a better acting school than Juilliard


*Growing up gay* Family: You look so handsome I bet the ladies are all over you! My gay ass:



Growing up gay means you were thoroughly upset when the gym teacher divided the class into boys and girls.


Growing up gay is knowing exactly what “can I ask you something” means


Growing up gay and closeted means instinctively flipping your phone over anytime a family member walks into the room



Him: "are you gay, bro?" Me: "no way man, I have posters of naked women in my room!" #GrowingUpGay


Growing up gay and closeted means having to pick dare any time you played Truth or Dare


When extended family would ask “when are you gonna bring a girl home?” #GrowingUpGay



#GrowingUpGay watching Style Network or Oxygen with the remote firmly in your hand in case someone walks in the room


growing up gay meant being terrified of talking in your sleep because you might say you had a crush on john in your science class


growing up gay for me was thinking that the first guy i dated would serenade me with an acapella version of teenage dream like darren criss on glee when we really just met on a dating app, saw a movie, and ghosted each other after mutually sending the “nice meeting you! :)” text


Growing up gay was being the first person in your class to advance from a pencil to an actual pen because your handwriting was gay-neat


Growing up gay in the early 2000s starter pack

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