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    23 Sex Toys That Queer Reviewers Swear By

    Here's to all the waves of pleasure you'll have with these tried and true finds.

    1. A clit-sucking vibrator that'll take anyone who uses it on a magic sucky ride.

    reviewer holding the sex toy with an O-shape opening for the sucking vibrations emit from

    2. A cordless Hitachi wand (truly the stuff of legend) with eight super powerful vibration patterns eager to please.

    the wand with a long handle, visible buttons, and large tennis ball-size vibrating part at the end

    3. A small flashy butt plug that'll be perfect for beginners — or just slideeee right in for those with butt play experience.

    silver tone small butt plug with a pink jewel accent on it

    4. A water-based lube to make thrusting, slipping in, and all the other action verbs you get up to a bit smoother.

    hand holding the bottle of lube

    5. Or a silicone-based lube that won't feel sticky as it lasts nearly as long as you. (Or longer? Whatever, just have fun!)

    the bottle of lube

    6. A soft but firm dildo with a suction cup to keep it steady on surfaces while you go to work on it.

    7. Or a veinier(?!) 9-inch dildo with a strong suction base that can also work in an O-ring for some strap-on play.

    product pic of the light skin tone realistic looking dildo

    8. A flexible silicone vibrator that'll easily bend to the whims your vibes of yore would never. Plus it's waterproof!

    9. A strap-on with a dildo and lube that reviewers with strap-on experience say is really comfy. Go ahead and give it a spin.

    10. A four-piece butt plug training set in graduated sizes so you can work your way up to the top (or in this case, bottom).

    product shot of four purple anal plugs, douche, and lube

    11. Or a three-piece butt plug training kit with an easier-to-grab flared base, which will be less intimidating for beginners or especially handy for people who have limited dexterity.

    the three trainers

    12. A strap-on harness with lots of rave reviews.

    mannequin with the strap-on harness

    13. Or an intersex pride thigh harness with three O-ring options for toys that'll be especially welcome for those with limited mobility. Plus the seller can make it with handle holds for easier accessibility if you just ask when ordering!

    person wearing black pants with purple and yellow thigh harness on top with an O-ring for dildos or other toys with flared bases

    14. A BJ dildo made for sucking with a funnel-shaped base to keep it in place in any O-rings.

    five different colors of realistic looking dildos with a flared base

    15. A Jack 2-in-1 stroker made of super soft silicone with a ribbed stroker cavity to create allll kinds of feel-good suction for anatomy that's at least 1/2-inch in diameter.

    16. A *waterproof* inflatable anal plug so you can get to your right amount of full.

    the black anal pump with the part you insert, a tube, and then the balloon you squeeze

    17. Color-changing nipple suckers that'll turn from purple to pink as things really heat up. Reviewers say they're great on nipples (obvs) but also create some great suction on the clit. We love a multi-use item!

    person putting nipple sucker into water showing how it changes from purple to pink when it gets hotter

    18. An 18-inch double-ended dildo with a realistic feel that'll bend to your (and/or your partner's) whims for a ~flexible~ option that'll work for solo double penetration or a shared round of pleasure. As they say, sharing is caring!

    person holding a purple jelly look long double ended dildo

    19. Or a ~flexible~ double-ended dildo that's 22 inches long with realistic veins for some extra sensation, meaning it'll be a fave for solo dual plugging or with your bae.

    model's hand holding the long realistic looking dildo with it bent in half in one hand to show its flexibility

    20. A remote-control massager with a penis ring and 10 vibration speeds that'll help access a P-spot or other tender inner parts that deserve a bit more attention. Oh, and it's waterproof!

    21. A packer pair of briefs to help create a natural bulge any ole time BUT can also be used for a strap-on experience. A double panel inside the boxer pouch even lets you use a double-ended dildo!

    manequin with boxer briefs on that have an O ring for placing a dildo or vibrator

    22. A strapless strap-on dildo vibrator that has a posable pony to really get in there as needed. Psst, it's waterproof.

    the L-shaped vibrator with a flexible end in motion

    23. A luxurious stainless-steel dildo to help out in temperature play and reaching G-spots, P-spots, and all sorts of other pleasurable places.

    model holding a curved stainless steel dildo with two different size heads

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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