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Pride Is Going To Look Very Different This Year — So We Want To Look Back At What Your First Pride Was Like

Whether it's 2019 or 1969, we want your stories.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, celebrating pride will look very different this year.

So we want to see your photos and stories from the very first time that you celebrated LGBTQ pride.

For example, here's me at my first Pride! I marched in London in 2015 at the head of the parade. They wanted a flag from every country to show global solidarity, so I marched with the flag of Serbia — since it's where my family is from. I was so overwhelmed with love and support that I made sure to attend every London Pride March until I moved to New York.

However, maybe your first Pride was some moons ago and you're surprised how different you and the event look compared with today.

Or perhaps you'd like to share a personal story about how celebrating pride impacted your life as an LGBTQ person beyond the celebration itself.

However you celebrated, share your photos and tell us your first pride stories in the comments below. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!