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19 Iconic Movie And TV Moments That Helped People Realize They're Queer As Heck

Bridget taking her hat off before playing soccer in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a MOMENT.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what movie or TV show moments helped them realize they're queer. Here's what they had to say:

1. In Cruel Intentions, when Kathryn taught Cecile how to kiss someone the *right* way.

Columbia Pictures

"I discovered I was bisexual in my mid-teens when watching the kiss in Cruel Intentions, and I found myself wishing I was the one kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar."


2. In Hercules, when Hercules first met Meg by the water and left him speechless, just like the rest of us.


"Meg helped me discover I'm bisexual, and I'm really grateful."


3. In Not Another Teen Movie, when Jake tried to seduce Laney by wearing nothing but whipped cream.

New Line Cinema

"It was an utterly glorious moment that I still revisit as an adult."


4. In The Mummy, when Rick and Evelyn shared this sweet and passionate kiss at the end of the movie.

Universal Pictures

"I rewatched The Mummy a lot as a kid and had a lot a feelings about Rick and Evelyn. Now, as an adult, I realized that I had a major crush on *both* Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz! I still rewatch The Mummy to this day and wish we could all be a throuple lol."


5. In Suicide Squad, when Harley Quinn went partying at a club with the Joker and danced sensually.

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"Her whole energy in that movie confirmed what I had already been questioning about myself: that I like girls!"


6. In Titanic, when Rose asked Jack to draw a portrait of her and they stared at each other with a whooooole lot of tension.

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"While everyone else was heart eyes over Leonardo DiCaprio, I was feeling some sort of way wanting to see more of Kate Winslet."


7. In X2: X-Men United, when Iceman blew on Wolverine's soda to make it colder.

20th Century Fox

"Wolverine could've just gotten ice if he wanted to, but nope. I watched it and said, 'Yeah I’m gay.'"

Danny Y

8. In Glee, when Santana and Brittany performed "Landslide" together and didn't hold back their love for each other.


9. In The X-Files, when Scully was drunk at the bar and took a cigarette from Fletcher in the sexiest way possible.


"My mom thought I liked watching the show because of Fox Mulder (and maybe I did a little), but badass Dana Scully was my bisexual awakening for sure."


10. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Rosa realized that her Uber driver, Alicia, was actually the most beautiful person in the world — inside and out.


"When I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I fell in love with Jake Peralta...and then Rosa Diaz. They made me realize I'm bisexual."


11. In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, when Bridget took her hat off and let down her hair before playing soccer.

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"Anytime Blake Lively played soccer or jogged on the beach, I was mesmerized. At 12, I realized I wanted to both be her and date her."


12. In Desperate Housewives, when Susan caught Andrew and Justin making out in the pool.


"That was a very awakening scene for me."


13. In Ocean's 8, when Lou climbed on top of her motorcycle in leather pants like the badass she is.

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"I’ve always been able to identify, ‘Yes, that is an attractive woman. I enjoy looking at her face like it’s artwork.' But I never felt anything sexual. Then Cate Blanchett climbed onto a motorbike in leather trousers in Ocean’s 8, and I felt lots of things."


14. In Master of None, when Denise brought her girlfriend home to Thanksgiving dinner, and her mom showed her true feelings about it all.


"Prior to Master of None, I hadn't seen a masculine-of-center lesbian of color on TV, and Lena Waithe got me all hot and bothered. I knew I had to come out then and there."


15. In Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back, when Han kissed Leia for the first time on the Millennium Falcon.


"Being attracted to both Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in Star Wars made me realize I'm bi. Looking back at those movies, the 'I’m bi' thing makes so much more sense now."


16. In Oz, when Chris taught Tobias how to wrestle, and it led to this very intense moment.


"I was definitely too young to have watched the show at the time, but when I stumbled upon Christopher Meloni in several NSFW scenes, I knew I was gay...and subsequently into older men."


17. In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, when Jack saved Elizabeth's life by tearing off her corset.


"I remember seeing it in theaters, specifically the scene where they tear the corset off of Elizabeth after she falls in the water? I just remember quietly sitting there, praying it wasn’t obvious that in my head I was like, 'Wait...forget Will Turner, I want Elizabeth Swan!'"


18. In Flashdance, when Alex poured a bucket of water on herself during her iconic performance at the bar.

Paramount Pictures

"One look at Alex's beautiful brown eyes and I was hooked."


19. And in Matilda, when Miss Honey was floored by Matilda's math skills, and lowered her glasses like so.

TriStar Pictures

"For the slightly older lesbians among us, mine is that moment when Miss Honey looks over the top of her glasses. You know the one."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What movie or TV moment made *you* realize you're queer? Sound off in the comments below! 🌈

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