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47 Products To Try If You Want To Support Queer And QPOC–Owned Businesses

I'd go ahead and just bookmark this for all future shopping

1. A set of asymmetrical hoops you'll reach for again and again because — hear me out — these are really cool.

2. A monthly tea box subscription so you can try so many different teas on a consistent shipping schedule. *Virgo swoon*

3. An illustrated postcard of NYC's boroughs that'll hang beautifully on your bedroom walls. Or you could send it to a person you love who lives far away!

Illustrated postcards laid out on display

4. An udon mug that'll double as art in your kitchen. These are hand thrown and hand-painted making each piece one of a kind. *sips coffee, feels special*

Four colorful mugs stacked two by two

5. A mug or poster for your walls so you can echo its powerful message into the world every single day.

6. An iconic pin because if we're being real, gays are the original salty snack.

The pin, which looks like a Lays chip bag but instead of Lays it says Gays and the flavor is Flaming Hot

7. A set of laser-etched plexiglass earrings to let the whole world know exactly what you're up to these days!

Model wearing earrings that say "doin' me"

8. An illustrated baby pink T-shirt that says Kawaii Kween and will cause everyone else to ask you, "OMG where did you get that?!"

9. A self-care master plan because long-term work planners are out and short-term self-care ones are in. What do we want? Self-care! When do we want it? Immediately!

10. A corded chain bracelet made with paracord rope and a silver coated brass chain for a mix of both color and texture that'll bring your style to the next level.

11. A hand-painted Tobogan pipe with a subtle checkered pattern that'll spark joy on your shelf or in your hands.

Model holding the pale pink checkerboard pipe that looks like a minimalist snake curled up

12. A full spectrum chalk set so beautiful it'll be sure to inspire whatever work of art you create with it.

The chalk pieces, which are triangular and form a rainbow star, in its wooden box

13. A Harry Potter or Ron Weasley bookmark except this time it's actually a diverse cast... *braces for problematic JK Rowling tweet*

14. A set of freckled duster earrings so you can wear something stunning and hand-crafted that'll match your iconic personality.

15. A coffee sampler pack so you can take the time to explore your taste preferences while simultaneously supporting a queer-owned business. "Hi, yes, I'll have one sugar packet and two spoonfuls of supporting my community, thanks!"

The variety pack, which features coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia, and Papaua New Guinea

16. A swimsuit designed with a fully lined front for comfortable coverage so you can feel confident on the water all summer long.

A model wearing the suit on a paddle board

17. A set of Fluide nail polish so you can live out your '90s coming-of-age-movie fantasy where the main character and their friends paint their nails one night and suddenly become all powerful!

The lavender and pink shade of nail polish on a model's fingernails

18. A five-pack of motivational stickers to put anywhere and everywhere you want to.

The five stickers that say "you got this" "yay" "head up heart open" "you are more than enough" and "you're doing fine!" on a laptop

19. A crater ring that'll transport you immediately to the rooftops of Brooklyn where a crew of queer bbs is basking in the glow of a summer sunset.

20. A copy of Above The Broken by Grey Centauro so you can have powerful queer minimalist poetry within arms reach at all times.

The book cover

21. A unique vintage pottery egg cup made by Alison Palmer circa 1996 because it's what? In eggcellent condition.

22. An embroidered tulle duster because your fantasy of frolicking in the meadows of queer summer realness is not a fantasy anymore!

23. A photo print from [Reframing The Future] so you can have powerful works of art in your home knowing your money directly benefited the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and National Bail Out.

24. A Transgender flag pin to add to your daily wardrobe as a signal of pride and or support for the Transgender community.

The Trans flag colors on a pin on a jean jacket

25. A multi-use stain pot for a stunning pop of peach for your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

26. A triple-chain-link brass necklace because your powerful energy deserve an equally powerful metal combo.

A model wearing the chain necklace

27. A tote bag that says "Queer Magic" because that's exactly what you are!

A black tote bag with an illustration on the front in white that says Queer Magic

28. A La Familia embroidered T-shirt to support a local art collective that celebrates the lives of QTPOC in everything they do.

A cream colored tTshirt with QTPOC embroidered front and center

29. A pair of swim trunks and a matching shirt that'll be a cute addition to your summer beach fit.

30. A garnet charm from a radically queer jewelry company where you can also shop by birthstone!

31. A set of magical wand matches so you can dramatically whisper "Incendio" as you light your candles.

A pink pack of long matches

32. An essential oil roll-on based on your astrological sign. It's made with 100% plant-based ingredients and topped with a REAL gemstone rollerball.

33. A sampler pack of biodegradable glitter you could cover your entire body in or just use for a fire makeup look, either way it won't be bad for the environment.

34. A pack of four reusable cloth face masks so you can wear your pride while also keeping yourself and those around you safe.

A four pack of cream-colored masks that say "be kind" "born to love" "loud and proud" and "queer"

35. A Vers Gay T-shirt to be on brand all the time.

A Versace look-a-like logo that says "vers gay" instead of Versace

36. A baby memory book designed with all families in mind. Keep track of your family's most precious moments with this thoughtfully made journal.

37. A vintage Jet magazine issue from the 1970s and 1980s so you can hold a piece of history in your hands.

Seven different Jet magazine issues laid out

38. A pair of moon and star earrings to add to your growing collection of fabulous jewelry. Which pair will you wear today? Maybe just play it by ear.

The moon and star shaped earrings hanging on a yellow flower pot

39. A positive vibe candle so your home is filled with smells that'll calm your soul and invite others to do the same.

the candle with colorful flowers laid onto the top of the wax

40. A cross-stitch kit to keep your hands busy while you're constantly fighting the binary.

A cross stitch kit that reads "Queer"

41. A cropped T-shirt that'll speak the truth so loud you might need to wear earplugs.

A model wearing the cropped tee that says "Hetero-normativity is a cult"

42. A trendy bleached outdoor sweat set so you can look cute as hell and feel comfortable the whole time.

A black T-shirt and matching pair of sweat shorts that have been bleached

43. A pair of sexy boxer briefs to double as a harness and packer for anyone who is tired of strap-ons being the most uncomfortable thing ever invented.

A purple harness and packer pair of briefs

44. A clear lip gloss so you can taste the rainbow.

45. A recycled denim bag because it's iconic and beautiful and if you don't buy it I'm going to.

46. An illustrated iguana card or a toucan card that'll guarantee a chuckle will be had by someone special.

47. An agender hair oil made with hemp seed oil to moisturize and vetiver and sweet lavender to create the perfect harmony of ingredients and scents for your growing luscious locks.

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