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Tell Us Your Favorite LGBTQ Characters Who Were Also Played By LGBTQ Actors

The people need to know!

Pride month is coming up, and we want to celebrate some incredible LGBTQ characters and actors!

So, I have a very important question for you — who are your favorite queer characters who are also played by queer actors?

Perhaps you felt really seen when you learned Stephanie Beatriz is bisexual just like her Brooklyn Nine-Nine character, Rosa Diaz.

Or maybe you were really happy to see Mitchell and Cam in a happy relationship on Modern Family, and even more excited to learn that Jesse Tyler Ferguson identifies as gay IRL too.

Maybe it made you really excited to see Jules from Euphoria played by Hunter Schafer, who is also trans.

Whoever they are, we wanna hear about them! In the comments below, tell us your favorite LGBTQ characters who are also played by LGBTQ actors. You just might end up in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, too!