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Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About, Featuring President Obama

How did we get Obama to use a selfie stick? Oh, because he wants you to go to

21 Sexy Desserts That Deserve Your Love This Valentine's Day

Whether you're spending this Saturday cuddled up with your sweetie, or with yourself and lots of wine, this Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in some super sexy desserts.

14 Shows That Prove PBS Ruled Children's Television

Because not everyone had cable. Nor did they need it.

The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie

“Who knew being sexy was so hard?”

Music Now Vs. Music Then

To everyone who thinks it was ~better back then~, it's more complicated than that.

A Mom Let Her Toddler Style Her For A Week And The Results Are Crazy Adorable

She's even inspired other moms to do the experiment themselves with the #ToddlerStylist hashtag.

21 Childhood Snacks You Didn't Know You Can Still Get

The treats your taste buds still crave.

The Definitive Ranking Of Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Excluding vanilla and those Greek yogurt spin-offs because this isn't a f***ing joke.

You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching These Mini Food Cooking Videos

I've never felt more zen and more anxious in my whole life.

Taylor Swift Gave A Fan Breakup Advice And A "Moving On" Playlist

And it might just be the best advice and playlist you've ever seen.

39 Adorable Pictures You Need To Stop And Look At Right This Second

RIGHT NOW. No, seriously, there's a puppy cuddle puddle in here.

You Won't Believe What This Taylor Swift Portrait Is Made Out Of

Eyes made out of mice. Skin made out of pigs.

28 Ooey Gooey Cookies That Took It To The Next Level

"C is for cookie!"- Cookie Monster

This Fan Theory About Homer Simpson Is Pretty Insane

Basically he's been in a coma for the past 22 years, and everything has taken place in Homer's head. Maybe. H/T Reddit.

The Ultimate "Degrassi" Poll

A poll for all those drama loving Degrassians.

Maps That Prove You Don't Really Know Earth

You’ll never trust a map again.

This Comedian Has A Message To Anyone Who Thinks Periods Are Disgusting

"If you're a guy out there and you think periods are disgusting, I don't believe you've ever had an honest conversation with a woman." Bloop.

This Ballet Routine Set To Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” Is So Beautiful It Hurts

Bonus: The video features Sergei Polunin, also known as the "bad boy of ballet."

This 3-Year-Old Is Killing The Fashion Game

Bow down to your new tiny fashion savior, London Scout.

These Photos Of A Snow-Covered Abandoned Mall Are Unbelievably Eerie

Photographer Seph Lawless captured an indoor winter wonderland.

Taylor Swift Tracked Down A Fan At The Grammys And Took Her Backstage

Yet more evidence that Taylor Swift is perfect.

27 Disney Valentine's Cards That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Love won't be the only thing you're feeling tonight, amirite?

A Pair Of Skydivers Almost Got Hit By A Plane Mid-Air And It's Terrifying

And your biggest fear when skydiving was the parachute not opening?

These Photos Of An Erupting Volcano Are Literally, Actually Awesome

Mount Sinabung in Indonesia has been erupting since early last year.

Magical Then And Now Photos Of Disneyland Throughout The Years

The magic has always been there. H/t Disney Imagineering's remarkable Disneyland "Then and Now" photo collection.

10 Amazing Photos Of The Human Body Under A Microscope

Some of these photos are artistic, others are terrifying.

5 Reasons Why Beck Beat Beyoncé

The man has deserved Album of the Year since 1995.

The 10 Best Dressed People At The 2015 Grammy Awards

Was it even really a competition?

17 Unbelievably Tiny Puppies


Kanye West Says Beck Should Have Given His Grammy To Beyoncé

"Beck needs to respect artistry." Update: Kanye elaborated Monday morning. "Come on, man, I love Beck. But he ain't have the album of the year."

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