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Starbucks Sleeves Just Got Cuter Thanks To This Instagram

Hop on the #sleevebucks trend!

Sleevebucks, also on Tumblr, transforms your favorite mermaid into all sorts of new personas. Like this yoga position...

...and this beloved plumber...

...and even to this proud coffee nerd.

This viking's name might just be "Stärbjarks the Bold."

Maybe you'll order a size up from your usual. Try a Malefi-venti!

Do you prefer a light or a Dark Knight roast?

Either way, surely you'll catch all your favorite seasonal flavors.

Sleevebucks also perfectly captures the essence of Frozen's sisters...

...and cold coffee (probably) never bothered them anyways.

But the real magic is in the Harry Potter drawings and captions:

So whether you order a fabulous blonde roast or not, take a little time to enjoy your coffee sleeves!

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