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34 Nap-Worthy Chairs You'll Dream About This Afternoon

We nap hard.

1. Swaddle yourself in this couch + blanket, all-in-one.


3. Curl up on this giant pillow chair.

4. Regress into your childhood.

5. This one's perfect for secret office naps. We won't tell.

6. Get scientific with your snoozes.

7. Have nap time in tandem.

8. Be cradled by plush velvet.

9. For catnaps with bae.

10. Feeling sheepish? Nap it out.

11. For when you need a hug.

12. Beanbag-chic.

13. For summer naps without the sunburn.

14. Is it a sofa? Is it a bed? Does it matter?

15. 😴

16. Get forty winks in a blanket burrito.

17. Get cozy in an outdoor nap nest.

18. Perfect for poolside siestas.

19. Get some beauty sleep on this beautiful bench.

20. Ideal for post-party hangover snoozes.

21. ::Puts down book, closes eyes::

22. For very sleek sleepers.

23. ~Sleep inducing.~ Yeah, as if you need that.

24. Shut yourself away if people keep talking to you.

25. For astronaut-level naps.

26. One loop for you, one loop for your significant other.

27. Lean back for just a little while.

28. It's ok to take a lil break.

29. Like on a bean bag for grown-ups.


30. Or a specially-designated whimsical napping corner.

31. Drift off on an actual floating bed.

32. Work can wait.

33. Chores can wait.

34. Zzzzzzzz. Sorry, did you say something?