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Here's What Real Healthy People Actually Snack On

There's not one sad handful of almonds among them, and that's a beautiful thing.

When it comes to avoiding that hangry feeling, the best defense is a good offense. And a good offense consists mostly of snacks.

That means planning ahead and stocking up on healthy options you'll actually keep in your kitchen/purse/office fridge/pockets/whatever.

HOWEVER, if you hear one more person call a handful of almonds a snack, you can rightfully throw it in their face.

Here are 23 better, more interesting options that will awaken your starving soul.

They've all been made (and devoured) by real, seriously healthy people who say things like "satiety" and "fuel your body." Steal their snackspiration so you'll never have to go head-to-head with the vending machine again.

1. Open-Faced PB & Blueberries

2. Egg and Apple Combo

3. Spiced Apple Chips

4. Avocado Toast

5. Spicy And Sweet Roasted Chickpeas

6. Banana Nut Toast

7. A Makeshift Pudding Cup

8. Miso Zoodle Soup

9. Blueberry Coconut Balls

10. A Picturesque Cheese Plate

11. Fruit Pizza

12. A Loaded Sweet Potato

13. A Fruit Smoothie That Only Looks Like a Daiquiri

14. Cheese, Crackers, Tomatoes, and Veggies

15. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

16. Apple Peanut Butter Toasts

17. Cheddar Kale Chips

18. A Cookie You Can Make IN A PAN

19. Crudités For One

20. Cauliflower Fries

21. This Bright and Cheery Deliciousness

22. Kale Guacamole Wraps

23. A Smoothie In A Bowl

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