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This Is How Often You Should Actually Wash Your Towels

It's not pretty.

After a warm shower, there's nothing like escaping that burst of cool air by cozying up to a fluffy towel, right?

But how do you know when it's actually time to change your towels? Some might say every couple of weeks...

...while others would say once a week is a good amount.

Truth be told, you should wash your bath towels after THREE — count 'em, THREE — uses.

With each use, towels pick up dead skin cells from all over your body, not to mention all that water they absorb!

Washrags and face towels should be washed EVERY DAMN TIME you use them.

When it comes to kitchen rags, you'll just be drying your dishes with germs if you don't bleach them after every use.

"Kitchen cloths tend to readily attract harmful bacteria, remain damp due to soaking or frequent use, pick up food particles from kitchen practices, and are generally in close proximity to our food," says Reynolds. "This condition creates a perfect scenario for collection, growth, and transmission of germs."

Be sure to dip them in bleach or throw them in the laundry after each use, or you'll just be spreading all that bacteria to surfaces you eat off of.

The good news is you can keep a towel for up to 10 years as long as you're sanitizing it properly.

Happy showering!