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This Barber Shaved An Impressive Portrait Of Kim Kardashian Into A Guy's Hair

Just the tip of the iceberg of Rob the Original's talents.

This is Rob Ferrel. He's a San Antonio, Texas-based barber better known as Rob The Original, and he's basically a hair genius.


This is obviously Kim Kardashian.
Instagram: @robtheoriginal

This is obviously Kim Kardashian.

Here's his take on KIMYE.

Hanging out on people's heads, where they belong.

And Queen Latifah.

Just the Queen surveying his work, NBD.

"I was always an artist, and just picked up barbering as a side gig," Ferrel told BuzzFeed Life.

"Since I can remember I had a pencil or markers or something to draw with in my hand. My parents were very hard to please, but one day I drew something for them and they were very impressed. I realized then that this is what I wanted to do. I took art classes here and there in high school and stuff, but it was all really developed myself through practice."

And that's not actually hair dye. It's makeup.

"I use eye liner pencils to add vibrant colors for special occasions. People do this usually for sport games or parties to catch attention. It's perfect because it's not permanent," says Ferrel. "Color is a huge commitment so this allows for people to be a little more spontaneous without the long term effects, because it can be washed out whenever, but the design will still be in the hair so you'll still have a sharp image as well."

His portraits run the gamut. From Einstein ...

And everybody in between.

That's Audrey Hepburn, btw.

Check out his tribute to Aaliyah.

And Tupac.

Nice line shading, right?

"The hardest part is making sure the client has the right hair," Ferrel said. "The darker the hair, the better."

Here's his portrait of Ellen Degeneres. For the baller who just really loves the talk show host.

Here's Gabriel Iglesias posing with a portrait of himself on someone else's head.


Speaking of, here's Rob's portrait of surrealist artist Salvador Dali


Ferrel says that clients need to be patient: portraits can take up to two hours to do.

And no subject is off limits. Well, almost no one ...

"I probably wouldn't do any portraits of evil dictators or anything disrespectful to people's culture," he said.

Ferrel's portraits run anywhere from $30 to $200, but his fans think it's totally worth it.
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