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25 Signs Your Harry Potter Obsession Is Out Of Control

Shut up and take our Galleons.

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1. You actually received an acceptance letter (even if you had to pay for it yourself, ten years too late.)

4LittleFoxes / Via

2. But, your wand definitely chose you.

LiselleMade / Via

3. You never leave home without your Time-Turner.

A Few Enchanted Roses / Via

4. Sneaking around after curfew? No problem.

4LittleFoxes / Via

5. You never know when the Dark Lord may summon you.

AlixInsanity / Via

6. Regular bookends just won't suffice.

Bespoke3DPrinting / Via

7. Neither will a regular book bag.

catbirdcreatures / Via

8. You carry one of these around without fail.

CherryPitCrafts / Via

9. Even your tablet case is enchanted.

CustomizeMeAZ / Via

10. You take your chances by writing in this diary.

chrispopo8 / Via

11. You always know how to accessorize.

dulcecalaveritas / Via

12. You're convinced that the Nargles are up to something.

EntropyTradingCo / Via

13. Even your muggle friends are jealous of your HP bling.

GojiStreet / Via

14. You remember to turn on the light.

GoldenRatioFurniture / Via

15. Even your dog's in on it.

InAnotherCastleDecor / Via

16. You can hear this music box's tune without ever winding it.

InvenioCrafts / Via

17. You find The Prophet's headlines comforting.

LaDaDesigns / Via

18. Your cat has impeccable House pride.

MissStitchinWitch / Via

19. You have the perfect glasses for your Prefect meetings.

NexusGlass / Via

20. You casually study for your Charms exams.

OohhhBurn / Via

21. You have no master, and aren't afraid to flaunt it.

PillowHomeArt / Via

22. You always carry a bit of liquid luck.

PotionShoppe / Via

23. Refrigerator poetry has a totally different meaning in your house.

RefrigeratorProse / Via

24. You never really payed attention to tea leaves anyway.

TooLegitTooKnit / Via

25. And you're always down for a game of Wizard's Chess.

WinkingBlindBats / Via

We'll take one of everything, please. What's your favorite piece of fan memorabilia?

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