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21 GIFs That Will Calm You The F*ck Down


1. Good lord, life can be overwhelming.

2. It's basically a tapestry of work stress, family drama, heartbreak, bad traffic, too little money, too much belly fat...

3. Luckily, there exists this very zen dog.

4. This lovely rainfall.

5. This dappled sunset.

6. This peaceful reader — a relic from your childhood, maybe? — and her even more peaceful companion.

7. This waterfall that doesn't stop for anybody's shit.

8. This coffee that I bet you can smell right now.

9. This cat getting a massage.

10. This brushstroke so luscious it borders on pornographic.

11. This one also, for good measure.

12. This tiny solitary house.

13. This sun-bleached ocean.

14. This machine that makes Pop-Tarts.

15. This rad bike.

16. This pair of escalators descending and ascending in perpetuity.

17. This delicately bobbing cat.

18. These bracing snowflakes.

19. These cozy flames.

20. This world that is so much bigger than you will ever be or know.

21. If all else fails, press this button.