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Posted on Jan 31, 2015

There Is A Ball Pit In London Where You Can Temporarily Forget The Misery Of Your Adult Life

The life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short – but at least you can jump into this pit of balls.

Is your adult life a relentless torment of boredom, regret, and despair?

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Does the distant laughter of children sound like a mocking reminder of the innocence of a childhood long forgotten?

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Then do we have just the marketing ploy for you!

London Design agency Pearlfisher has filled a gallery with plastic balls, and invited the general public to jump into them.

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The installation is free, and for every visitor, the agency is donating £1 to the Right to Play charity.

Just look at these two, in a moment of fleeting release from the forced march of adulthood.

The balls are white, because why pretend that the world could ever be as colourful and full of promise as it seemed when you were seven?

This could be you, slowly sinking into a ball pit instead of a suffocating malaise.

This could be you and your friends, enjoying five minutes' rest from the burden of knowing that you have disappointed all your loved ones and given up on your childhood dreams.

This man could be you – smiling as you gasp for one last breath of honest delight, before the bitterness of British society engulfs you once more in coldness and insincerity.

The exhibit is open until Friday 13 February, between 10am and 5pm, as a cruel reminder that your short time on Earth belongs to your employer, and not to yourself.

Oh, and the event is also officially sold out – because happiness is a fleeting dream from which all must eventually wake.

(But thankfully, the Metro is offering the chance to win tickets if you tweet at them.)

So go forth, Londoners, and be free – if only for a moment – from the ever-tightening shackles of your adult lives.

Sleep, now.

Sleep, and be finally free.

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