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This Is Why Burgers In Ads Always Look Better Than Burgers In Real Life

It's real food, but not really.

This video exposes the world of food styling, the art of making food look beautiful and camera-ready.


A good burger always starts with a good bun. The one you eat and the one you photograph look pretty much the same. But that's where the similarities end.

When cooking meat for consumption, the goal is making sure it's cooked all the way through.

But the goal when you're photographing it is to get some nice looking grill marks with a special tool.

The meat patty you eat is simply placed on the bun, but the burger you photograph has an extra piece between the meat and the bun to give it a little lift.

Adding lettuce and tomato to your burger is pretty haphazard...


...But with food styling, the slices of tomato and the lettuce have to be placed very precisely, and held down with pins.


And the condiments aren't squirted on for food styling. Instead, they are carefully syringed into place around the edges, as if oozing out of the burger.

So, which burger looks better to you?