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OK, But Eddie Redmayne Was This Awards Season's Best-Dressed Babe

The theory of my everything.

Y'all, we need to talk about Eddie Redmayne because boy killed it on the red carpet this year.

1. Like he's literal perfection.

2. His suits fit him like he was born in them.

3. He has perfected the red carpet lean.

4. And the "I'm your goofy and lanky boyfriend" stance.

5. He even knows how to show off his watch with the perfect hand stack.

6. He's got the smolder.

7. And the smile.

8. He even makes fixin' his look look adorable.

9. He isn't afraid to think out of ~the box~.

10. He uses each red carpet to push the envelope.

11. And shows that suits can be just as beautiful and exciting as gowns.

12. Plus, look at how cute he looks when he wins.

13. Especially when it's an Oscar!

So hats off to you, Eddie.

Your red carpet game is almost as swoon-worthy as your angelic face.