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32 Signs You've Found Your Best Friend For Life

Yeah, no, that is not your best side.

The BuzzFeed Community recently asked its followers for the Unwritten Rules of Best Friendship. Here are some of our favorite answers:

Comedy Central / Via

1. They know better than to post an unflattering selfie of you online and will always give you a chance to approve the picture beforehand.

Nickelodeon / Via

Submitted by bkrominga

2. Their sarcasm is on point and they can banter back and forth with you without missing a beat.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via

Submitted by faithlorrainesadowski

3. When you're around them, pants are optional.

Warner Bros. / Via

Submitted by SwizzyKiks

4. In any given circumstance, you can give him/her a look and they will know exactly what it means and what to do.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via

Submitted by biancal446e18c73

5. You share the same enemies, even if one of you doesn't know why... or who the person is.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Submitted by alexibarra0711

6. When you go out drinking, you've given them strict instructions on who you can't call/text that night.


Submitted by lieu.lynn

7. They have stopped you from drunk calling/texting your ex.

TLC / Via

Submitted by athpaschke

8. They like or comment on everything you post on social media.

Submitted by brittany.h.nolan

9. There is that one thing that neither of you talk about and it will stay that way.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via

10. They also know that if you die, they must burn all of your journals and delete your browser history.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Submitted by josephbarker34

11. They don't judge you for how much you eat. In fact, they will indulge with you.

Submitted by jackcaroline

12. If one of you wants food, you're both getting food.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

Submitted by ally.terrones

13. It is understood that whoever pays for the meal (pizza, tacos, cake, etc.) gets the last bite or piece, unless otherwise offered.

New Line Cinema

Submitted by megan.y.cooper

14. You don't bother to knock on their door anymore. You just walk right in.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

Submitted by faithlorrainesadowski

15. The two of you have a song and whenever it comes on you must dance to it, regardless of where and when.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

Submitted by kailahlouisewilliamson

16. They know better than to watch a certain show without you.

Comedy Central / Via

Submitted by neely.pessin

17. At this point, there is literally nothing off limits anymore. LITERALLY nothing.

18. You feel weird when you go too long without talking.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

Submitted by mollieg

19. You always answer the phone when they call because maybe they're on fire or a crazy murderer is chasing them and they need your help. Or, you know, maybe they murdered someone. Either way, you're picking up.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via

Submitted by laurahollistar

20. You basically know everything about each other because you share all of your secrets.

20th Television / Via

Submitted by tinastowick

21. You are always looking out for them. Even if you have to be the bad guy and slap them for being stupid because both of you know it's done out of love.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Submitted by marjorie.loflin

22. You turn to them for expert advice on subjects they are definitely not experts in, like science, mathematics, and... relationships.

Buena Vista Pictures

Submitted by sarahlaskyelison

23. They know better than to go after someone you're crushing on. And they definitely know better than to talk to your ex.

24. There is a no judgment clause that both of you understand and follow at all times.

25. You've pretended to be in a relationship with them when they were getting hit on by someone they were not interested in.

ABC / Via

Submitted by dez.lakae

26. You've defended their honor when someone was talking shit behind their back.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via

Submitted by merve.gueven

27. They've given you the last fry from the shared fries box because you were having a bad day.

20th Television / Via

Submitted by eman.abdelmouty

28. They've covered one of your lies with an elaborate story to make it sound more legit.

Buena Vista Pictures

Submitted by porttowyoming

29. They know whether or not you're actually drunk and can drink more or need to be cut off.

Universal Pictures / Via

Submitted by brinkofawesome

30. You've done something stupid, and then they did that same stupid thing so you wouldn't look stupid.


Submitted by fefemcbride

31. It's understood that when one of you gets hurt, the other person can laugh in order to distract from the pain/embarrassment. But also because it's funny.

SNL / Via

Submitted by AnnaLauraBP

32. And the final sign that you've found your best friend for life is that you trust them more than you trust anyone else.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via

Submitted by sammiec483964773

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