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21 Valentine's Gifts They'll Actually Want To Receive

Oh, you bought $70 worth of already-wilting vegetation? Thanks.

1. Rubber wine glasses for bath/poolside lounging.

Available here.

2. A watch that tells the damn truth.

So much better than a bajillion dollar Rolex or whatever. Get it here.

3. A bust of Ron Swanson.

So much better than a boring old desk photo of like, you.

4. A light-up spatula for romantic midnight grilling.

5. A T-shirt that celebrates the important things in life.

Get it here.

6. Lego heart necklaces.

Get the pair here.

7. This deeply moving card.

Available here.

8. Or this one.

Available here.

9. Or this one.

Get it here and send me one too plz.

10. A set of scalp massagers.

For when you're together and apart.

11. A sleep mask that says it all.

For mornings when one of you has to wake up way earlier than the other.

12. Painting lessons from Bob Ross.

13. A pajama-warmer.

For maximized cuddling.

14. The most heartwarming necklace the world has ever seen.

"After all this time?"

15. The world's largest Scrabble game.

In case you happen to have a spare $12K lying around.

16. (Barring that, a walk-by Scrabble board for competitive couples.)

17. A luggage tag for the world traveler.

Or the "going home to your mom's house to do laundry" traveler.

18. Han and Leia bath towels.

Get them here.

19. A selfie toaster???

20. Fox underpants.

Who needs lacy lingerie when something this cute exists?

21. A pixel heart mug.

It's dangerous to go alone.

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