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17 Ellen DeGeneres Quotes That Prove She's The Greatest Ever

Happy birthday, you blue-eyed angel.

In honor of Ellen DeGeneres' birthday, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Ellen quotes. Here are the beautiful results.

1. On following your own path:

2. On motivating yourself:

3. On sexual preference:

4. On living life to the fullest:

5. On getting older:

6. On finding happiness:

7. On living a balanced life:

8. On true necessities:

9. On standing for values:

10. On gay rights:

11. On accepting who you are:

12. On teaching children important lessons:

13. On marriage:

14. On the importance of Taylor Swift:

15. On being open-minded:

16. On being true to yourself:

17. And on being kind:

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