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17 Ellen DeGeneres Quotes That Prove She's The Greatest Ever

Happy birthday, you blue-eyed angel.

In honor of Ellen DeGeneres' birthday, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Ellen quotes. Here are the beautiful results.

1. On following your own path:

Getty Images for PCA Christopher Polk

Submitted by Terri Louise Lawlor (Facebook)

2. On motivating yourself:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Submitted by Spencer Althouse.

3. On sexual preference:


Submitted by Katy Laser (Facebook)

4. On living life to the fullest:

FilmMagic Chris Polk

Submitted by Johanna Mattsson (Facebook)

5. On getting older:

FilmMagic Jason LaVeris

Submitted by krudnik1992.

6. On finding happiness:

Getty Images/Mike Stobe

Submitted by beibs771.

7. On living a balanced life:

WireImage Mark Davis

Submitted by Seamus Garner.

8. On true necessities:

WireImage Chelsea Lauren

Submitted by Ben Hirsch (Facebook)

9. On standing for values:

FilmMagic Chris Polk

Submitted by katys4deff4ddd.

10. On gay rights:

NBC via Getty Images NBC

Submitted by missym4778c8528.

11. On accepting who you are:

FilmMagic Jason LaVeris

Submitted by teeny2010.

12. On teaching children important lessons:

Getty Images David Livingston

Submitted by ashleypb.

13. On marriage:

Bravo via Getty Images

Submitted by Roberto Porciuncula (Facebook)

14. On the importance of Taylor Swift:

Getty Images for NARAS Christopher Polk

Submitted by Taylor Marie (Facebook)

15. On being open-minded:

Getty Images Ethan Miller

Submitted by Kayla Yandoli.

16. On being true to yourself:

ABC via Getty Images Adam Taylor

Submitted by Sheagymnast.

17. And on being kind:

WireImage Handout

Submitted by zacharyr449cdee0c.

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