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16 Things Only Avid "Sims" Players Will Understand


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2. When you have a really awesome story going, but then one of your Sims ages up or something happens and they end up looking like this:

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"Well there goes that dramatic story line I spent 10 FREAKING HOURS ON. Whatever."


4. Two words: Free will.

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"Why are you playing video games, Carl? You should be working on your mechanical skill. Shelly, you just took a shower, you don't need to take- CARL, YOU'RE GOING TO MISS WORK GET OUTSIDE TO THE CARPOOL."

5. That feeling of accomplishment you get when your Sim gets a bunch of money and you didn't have to use any cheat codes.

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Normally, your Sim is only a control+shift+C, motherlode away from being a millionaire.

6. Wishing the Sims 2, 3 and 4 would use the music from the original Sims.

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If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a listen to the magical soundtrack.

7. Trying to make all your Sims leave the room when a fire starts, but they keep running back in and pointing at the fire.

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"Yes, I know there's a fire, now get outside before you catch on fire....aaaand you're on fire. I don't even feel bad for you."


8. Really wanting to buy another expansion pack, but not being sure if it'll be worth the $20.

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"I mean, I don't really need it. I already have The Sims Late Night and The Sims University, BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THE KITTIES ARE! That's it. I need it."


12. Saying to yourself, "I'm going to take my Sims' relationship slow this time."

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But then your Sims end up dating, getting engaged, getting married, moving into a new house, and getting pregnant within a Sim day. Oops.

15. You wish they would have offered Simlish as a second language in school because you actually know plenty of words and phrases from playing for hours on end. / Via

I can still hear the tune the children hum in The Sims Deluxe. You totally know what I'm talking about.

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