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23 Amazingly Brilliant Ways To Eat Churros

Because churros are life.

1. Nutella-Stuffed Churro French Toast

2. Paleo Churro Waffles

3. Cream Cheese-Stuffed Churros

Dip it low, pick it up slow. Get the recipe here.

4. Dulce de Leche Churro Doughnuts

5. Churro Bites

Bite-size pieces of heaven. Get the recipe here.

6. White Chocolate Churro Chex Mix

7. Churro Pancakes

8. Churro Milkshake

This milkshake will most certainly bring all the boys to your yard. Get the recipe here.

9. Churro Wontons

10. Churro Popcorn

11. Churro Cake

Become the one and only cake boss among your friends with this recipe.

12. Churro Chips

13. Churro Pretzels

14. Churro Puff Pastry

15. Raspberry Mini Churros with White Chocolate

Bonus: Everything tastes better shaped like a heart. Get the recipe here.

16. Oreo Churros

17. Brown Butter Churro Crispy Treats

18. Cheeky Churro

19. Churro Chocolate Chunk Blondies

Blondies do have more fun. Get the recipe here.

20. Churro Caramel Mocha Affogato Frappe

21. Churro Cake Pops

22. Churro Fried Ice Cream

The new standard for ice cream. Get the recipe here.

23. Churro Toasted Sweet Fruit Tacos

On that note... Happy churro-ing! 😛