This Video Of A Blind Mother Seeing Her Newborn Son For The First Time Will Warm Your Heart

… And it was love at first sight.

1. Kathy Beitz is legally blind. But thanks to a technology called eSight, the new mom was able to see her first child just moments after delivery.

Yvonne Felix / Via

Kathy was allowed to borrow the eSight device — wearable electronic glasses that allow the legally blind to actually see — for the day.

2. This wasn’t just the first time Kathy was seeing her baby — it was the first time she was ever seeing any baby in her whole life. “For the first baby that I get to actually look at,” Kathy said, “being my own is very overwhelming.”

Yvonne Felix / Via

Kathy’s sister Yvonne, who uploaded the video to YouTube, told BuzzFeed that Kathy suffers from Stargardt disease, an inherited form of juvenile macular degeneration, and lost her vision as a child.

3. She was able to admire her son’s long toes, which she said look just like his dad’s…

Yvonne Felix / Via

4. And his cute little mouth, which she thought resembled her own.

Yvonne Felix / Via

5. But after examining him from head to toe, Kathy seemed to conclude that her precious little son is the perfect combination of mom and dad.

Yvonne Felix / Via

6. Kathy was also able to see her husband as he looked at their baby, which she described in the video as “such a good feeling.”

Yvonne Felix / Via

7. While Kathy saw her son on the day he was born, her sister Yvonne hopes Kathy will be able to watch him grow up. She’s started a campaign to help Kathy and others in the blind community get long-term access to eSight. Learn more at #MakeBlindnessHistory.

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