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17 Stunning Tattoos Inspired By "Frozen"

Love is an open (tattoo parlor) door!

1. This simple but powerful statement.

2. This classy colored outline of Anna.

3. This subtle interpretation of the lyrics.

4. This pair of sisters who got matching tattoos of Anna and Elsa.

5. And this pair of sisters who got matching tattoos on their feet.

6. This Anna and Elsa original concept art on each arm.

Tumblr / Via

7. This happy Olaf.

8. This elegant version of Elsa's crown.

9. These adorable (temporary) cartoon tattoos.

10. This homage to snow days.

11. These Disney-fied lyrics.

12. This portrait scene of Elsa.

13. This captivating snowflake.

14. This monument to the best day of Olaf's life.

15. These matching Anna and Elsa foot tattoos.

16. This depiction of Anna meeting the first redheaded Disney princess.

17. And of course, Zombie Elsa.

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