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Tiger King

Podcast: They’re Not Ready To Give Up On The Planet Just Yet

"We’re not shying away from the dire scientific predictions, but we’re also not giving up, ever. This is a magnificent planet, and we love all the people who live on it and all the other creatures, too. So let’s figure out what we can do."

Listen: The NRA Has A Target On Its Back

"Just looking at the math, something doesn't add up. It would be difficult for them to equal their very prominent and power role in 2016."

News O'Clock: Josh Gondelman Is Nice, And So Is Harry Potter Reading Harry Potter

Harry Potter himself reads you the first Harry Potter book, we have real facts about Mexico that have nothing to do with Karen’s dumb mustache and fake accent, plus comedian Josh Gondelman on how he’s managing to keep it together, some deets about his new podcast, and what he’s learned from working on “Desus and Mero.”

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