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Dillon Passage, Joe Exotic's Latest Husband, Just Spilled A Bunch Of "Tiger King" Secrets In An Interview

"I have no intention on leaving."

By now you absolutely MUST have watched Tiger King on Netflix — a show about a gay polygamist zookeeper named Joe Exotic who gets wrapped up in a murder plot.

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🚨 If you haven't watched yet, beware: This post has spoilers. 🚨

Now, Joe Exotic has had a few husbands in his day — sometimes two at once, in fact! But the husband I was most curious about? Dillon Passage — Joe's latest love, who came into the picture soon after Joe's husband Travis Maldonado died.

We don't learn much about Dillon in the documentary, and I was left with SO MANY QUESTIONS about his marriage to Joe Exotic and where they stand now that Joe's in prison. Well, Andy Cohen just interviewed Dillon on his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live — and LOTS of Tiger King tea was spilled.

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Here are just a few of the many secrets Dillon revealed:

1. Dillon confirmed the rumor that it's not really Joe singing in his music videos:

I mean, he's older. He has a more raspy voice. But I mean, his [real] voice is actually pretty decent.

2. Joe and Dillon got married after knowing each other for just two (!!!) weeks:

Oh god, I think it was like, a little over two weeks? We definitely jumped the gun, I can say that. But I'm not ashamed of it whatsoever.

3. Dillon says that he "knew nothing" about drug abuse happening at the park, and that Joe never pressured him to take any substances like meth:

I honestly knew nothing about drugs on the park. All I did, really, was stay in the house and take care of my baby animals. And then, just like, walk around the park. ... Joe never once encouraged me to do any drugs. I mean, I smoked a lot of weed. But that's literally it.

4. Dillon had some beef with one of Joe Exotic's former husbands, John Finlay:

He was always on the park. It was kind of frustrating. He acted like he was entitled to a lot of things. He would walk in the house whenever he felt like it.

5. Although Joe is in prison, the two still talk every day — although they aren't currently able to speak because Joe is in coronavirus isolation:

We speak three to five times every day. But since he's been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at — there were cases. So I have yet to speak to him since he's been moved.

6. Dillon told Andy he still loves Joe:

I do — I do love Joe. He's been there for me through my darkest times. I'm not just gonna dip out and abandon him when he needs me most.

7. Dillon said he enjoyed watching Tiger King because he learned a lot about his husband's feud with Carole Baskin, a topic he tried to "stay out of" in the past:

I even learned a lot of things that I didn't know. Like, about Carole and Joe's feud. Because I tried to stay out of his business. It wasn't my place.

8. Dillon told Andy he never saw Joe mistreat animals, and explained why he thinks those rumors are BS:

Not once. I mean, if he really mistreated the animals, do you think he'd be able to walk into a cage with 10-plus cats at one time?

9. Joe didn't give Dillon any notice before bringing the Netflix camera crew to their first date:

I walked out of the house ... and he pulls up in the limo, and all these camerapeople get out. And I was like, "What the hell?" And then he was like, "Oh, this is just — I'm filming something. It's not a big deal." ... It was kinda weird.

10. Dillon wants the world to know that Joe is a "really good guy":

He's a really good guy. And, um, you know, he may have made some sketchy decisions. And I know he regrets them. But his intentions are really good at heart. And he would do anything to help anybody in need.

11. Dillon claims it is "a 100% true fact" that Jeff Lowe set up Joe for that murder-for-hire scheme:

I mean, I'm not gonna say much. But I know it's not a "possible" setup. It's a 100% true fact that he set him up. And he even said it on the show. He said, "Some people may call it setting up; I call it persuading."

12. He addressed many viewers' questions about whether or not Joe's late husband, Travis, was actually gay:

I never knew Travis, so I can't speak about his life ... personally. But from what I've heard, he didn't necessarily need to be gay to have a connection with Joe. Joe saved his life, and he had a really strong connection with Joe. And he loved him.

13. He said that Joe can't actually watch Tiger King in prison, but he's still loving his newfound fame:

I mean, he's in jail, so he can't necessarily watch it. But ... once the show dropped, he was getting hundreds and hundreds of emails to his jail mail. And he was ecstatic. It was a lot of good feedback, and he likes attention, obviously.

14. Andy asked Dillon if he's being faithful to Joe while he's in prison, and this is how he answered:

I am very loyal to Joe.

15. And finally, Dillon said that Joe is very worried about him leaving the marriage, but he made it clear he has "no intention" of doing so:

That's Joe's biggest thing ... he doesn't want me to be alone. But he also doesn't want me to move on, if that makes sense. He doesn't want me to leave ... but I have no intention on leaving.

Honestly, BLESS ANDY COHEN for doing this interview. We needed it. The full thing is worth a listen — check it out below:

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