Anitta Revealed Which Plastic Surgeries She Had Done, And It Represents A New Trend Of Transparency


    You know Anitta. She's a super talented, gorgeous queen.

    anitta sitting for an interview

    Well, this week, she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where she answered a bunch of personal questions.

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    One fan asked Anitta about the work she's had done, and Anitta did not hold back. "I think my favorite one was my nose [job]."

    closeup of her measuring out her nose

    "Then, I had the chin [implant]," Anitta added. Like, what other celeb is so transparent like this? Queen.

    I spoke with Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Reish, M.D., FACS, who said this combo of surgeries is super common. "It is extremely common to get rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at the same time," he said. "These two procedures really work well to balance the face in the right patient."

    As for the money — it ain't cheap. "The total cost of primary rhinoplasty in my practice is $21,500 (all fees included). If you have breathing problems with documented nostril collapse and a deviated septum, then insurance can sometimes cover a portion of the cost," he added. "Adding a chin implant at the same time usually adds around $12,000."

    anitta sitting for an interview

    "Rhinoplasty is truly the most challenging procedure in all of plastic surgery with the highest amount of complications and need for revisions. It is extremely important that patients select a surgeon who does this procedure every single day and is a true expert," Dr Reish. "I always advise patients to look on their surgeon’s website to make sure that they have a large number of before and after photographs with long-term follow-up. In my practice, I have well over 600 before and after pictures on the website and I advise my patients that if they like the vast majority of these results, then the odds are in favor of them being happy with the results after surgery.

    Dr. Sterry, a board-certified plastic surgeon who works on celebs (and me, TBH), agreed that this combination is all about balance. "It is very common to incorporate a chin implant with a nose job [like Anitta did] because when we do these procedures, we're trying to achieve facial balance. In an ideal world, the change should project to the point of the mid-dorsum on the nose. Therefore, when we're doing either a nose job or a chin implant it is a disservice to the patient if we don't at least have a discussion about that balance."

    Still, I just love the way Anitta talks about getting work done. Last year, she told the Wall Street Journal Magazine, "It's nothing to do with me not being happy with myself. For me, it's like changing my hair."

    ALSO...she literally makes TikToks showcasing her procedures. Like, love.

    Lowkey obsessed with @Anitta’s new album cover which is all of her faces pre and post plastic surgery. These new era artists are quite possibly my favorites.

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    Twitter: @wyntermitchell / @anitta

    NYC-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Clinic said this transparency is actually a new trend. "Anitta personifies a trend that we are seeing in our offices — people unashamed to have plastic surgery procedures. They admit what they've had work done and actually tell people what procedures [they] have had done."

    Dr. Shafer added that a lot of people seek the procedures because of face-altering filters on social media. "Some of the most common procedures people seek are rhinoplasty and chin implant to give structure, definition, symmetry and balance to the face — a result they also seek when using popular social media filters."

    Dr. Sterry echoed Dr. Shafer's statements. "I think the transparency that Anita is showing is terrific! It seems so disingenuous and frankly hurtful to the public when celebrities lie about their plastic surgery. Trying to convince the world that a little olive oil is all one needs to get rid of wrinkles on the face is really insulting to the vast majority of women in the world who are aspiring to have a beautiful look at the age. I personally find it truly distasteful."

    You can watch the full episode of Watch What Happens Live here on Peacock.