23 Questions I Have After Watching "Tiger King" Season 2 Because What On Earth Is Going On

    Is this season even wilder than the last?!

    This post contains major Tiger King 2 spoilers — you've been warned!

    Netflix has just released Tiger King 2 and it’s somehow just as weird, wild, and wacky as the first. It picks up where Season 1 left off with Joe Exotic behind bars and the rest of the eccentric big cat owners trying their best not to join him.

    Joe exotic making a phone call from prison

    Here are some questions I desperately need answering after watching Season 2:

    1. How did Joe Exotic end up stripping for the mayor?

    joe exotic in a strip club

    2. What the hell happened to Don Lewis?

    don lewis holding a big cat

    3. And was Carole Baskin involved?!

    carole baskin looking away wistfully

    4. How on earth did Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle end up on Tiger King 2?

    harry jowsey form too hot to handle

    5. Jeff Lowe wants to open a strip club in a zoo?!

    jeff lowe in a strip club looking at a woman's feet

    6. Who is producing all of this outlandish Joe Exotic merch?

    joe's plane

    7. Where is “Doc” Antle?

    8. So the “hitman” was never actually hired to kill Carole Baskin?

    a bald man with sunglasses on his head

    9. Did he say they were going to decapitate Joe Exotic?!

    a crime board with photos of joe exotic, jeff, and alan

    10. I’m sorry but how is Jeff Lowe not in prison?

    11. And when did he become Team Joe?

    jeff and joe together

    12. How are these people not constantly incriminating themselves?

    jeff and his partner on a video interview on a tv show

    13. Does anyone actually care about the animals?

    a large outdoor cage with tigers

    14. Why was the psychic detective talking about chicken so much?

    the psychic detective and his partner

    15. Are my eyes failing me or did Joe Exotic make a music video about a dying chimpanzee?

    joe exotic in a music studio

    16. Is this season just as wild as the last?

    the family of don lewis asking for tips in a tv commercial

    17. How has Joe Exotic had so many husbands?

    an older picture of joe and his

    18. And how did he create a whole ‘Bachelor King’ competition while behind bars?

    a screenshot from joe exotic's instagram – a young muscled man posing for a selfie

    19. How can one person swear so much?

    tim stark on a leather chair

    20. Did we really need another jet ski montage of James Garretson?

    james on a jet ski

    21. Was anything actually concluded this season?

    a crime board with don lewis at the centre, surrounded by potential suspects

    22. Will Joe Exotic ever get out of prison?

    joe sitting in the courtyard of his zoo

    23. Will there be a Tiger King Season 3?

    joe and a big tiger