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    "Tiger King's" Dillon Passage Just Did An Interview Where He Revealed What He Thinks About Carole Baskin And Jeff Lowe

    "I know Jeff Lowe personally and I can’t speak highly of him."

    Okay, so we're only a few hours away from the Tiger King follow-up special, titled The Tiger King and I, dropping on Netflix.


    The special, which will be hosted by Joel McHale, will feature brand-new interviews with a lot of the people featured in the original docuseries.

    However, one of those people who appeared in Tiger King that won't be appearing on the special is Joe Exotic's current husband, Dillon Passage, who confirmed that Netflix had not asked him to participate.


    But, that hasn't stopped him from speaking out about what he thinks of everything that was shown in Tiger King. And yesterday, in a FaceTime interview with Us Weekly, Dillon opened up about what he really thinks about two of the people profiled on the show: Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin.

    When asked about Jeff, Dillon made it clear he wasn't fan.


    And according to him, he never trusted Jeff at any point, saying:

    I know Jeff Lowe personally and I can’t speak highly of him, because there has not been one day or one thing he has done that made me think, "Oh that’s a good guy." Never once did I think that.

    Dillon added that he can't forgive Jeff for anything, 'cause he alleges that Lowe was the one behind setting Joe up in order to get his zoo:

    I do know that the entire thing was orchestrated by Jeff... Because he was being stingy and wanted the zoo. That was no secret.

    Surprisingly, he doesn't really hold any ill will towards Carole or her husband.


    Dillon says that Joe and Carole obviously had a not-so-great relationship, but that some of it had to do with Joe being in a "dark place":

    I’ve never met Carole, so I can’t speak about how her personality is behind what was shown. I know that her and Joe just didn’t have a good relationship. He was in a dark place and she was constantly throwing lawsuits at him.

    He went on to add that he knows people that know her and that she is good person. And that at the end of the day, he doesn't hate her:

    No, I don’t hold any resentment toward Carole.

    You can watch the full interview over at Us Weekly. And don't forget, The Tiger King and I drops tomorrow (April 12) one Netflix.


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