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    15 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up "Tiger King" In Just Five Words

    Binged it all in quarantine.

    On Saturday, Hangover Tags asked people on Twitter to describe Tiger King in just five words.

    It’s game time!! Tiger King is wildly popular on Netflix. Today let’s play: #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words Come tag along with @DarthFlaves on @HashtagRoundup.

    As it turns out, you can get a lot from five words — even with a show as bananas as Tiger King. Here are just some of the most hilarious responses:

    1. First, when we get our new fave catchphrase:

    For cool cats and kittens #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    2. When Saff losing an arm to a tiger isn't even the most dramatic moment:

    Someone loses arm. Nobody cares. #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    3. When the show teaches us one key lesson:

    #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words Always backup your video footage.

    4. When the show potentially inspires the worst quarantine impulse purchase ever:

    Wait, tigers are only $2k?#DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    5. When the music kind of slaps:

    Making Music Videos Great Again. #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    6. When the "Florida Man" vibes are strong:

    I thought this was Florida #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    7. When every person introduced is more wild than the last:

    They are all absolutely bonkers. #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    8. When the show isn't exactly the best for financial tips:

    Poor Business and Life Decisions #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    9. When the haircut says it all:

    #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words That mullet screamed high maintenance.

    10. When we were shown the wedding of the century:

    “My husband’s weren’t really gay?” #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    11. When the lengthy feud really isn't that complicated:

    #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words Joe Exotic really HATES Carole

    12. When the dedication to work is next-level:

    Lost arm? Get to work. #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    13. When we can kind of see the resemblance:

    If Trump never had money. #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    14. When the show confirms something we suspected all along:

    #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words Cat people are just different

    15. In short:

    WTF did I just watch #DescribeTigerKingIn5Words

    What did you think of Tiger King? LMK in the comments!