Joe Exotic Allegedly Tried To Be The "Wolf King" And, To Put It Mildly, It Didn't Go Great

    Howl well do you think it went?

    As you probably know, Joe Exotic had a lot of big cats. It's the whole reason he has a Netflix documentary, Tiger King, about him. However, it looks like tigers weren't the only animal Joe tried to be king of.

    According to TMZ, Joe got 28 gray wolves back in 2018 after a lawsuit forced a "petting zoo" in Minneapolis to give them up.

    Personally, I have so many questions. Were the hoards of cats not enough? Would a regular dog have been too mainstream?

    That being said, it seems like Joe's "Wolf King" dreams were fairly short-lived. After allegedly transporting the wolves across states without a permit, Joe turned the wolves over to a facility in California.

    Alas, this wasn't before two wolves allegedly vanished and one died in Joe's care. Joe was also accused of trying to sell wolves on social media, which must have been an advert to behold.

    Given what we see in Tiger King, I think that perhaps it was for the best that Joe did not become a "Wolf King."

    Oh, and if anyone sees two wolves roaming Oklahoma that look like they might have been Joe Exotic's, HMU.