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27 "Tiger King" Tweets Now That We've Had More Time To Process It

We all rode that roller coaster, now let's talk about it.

Netflix's Tiger King has been pretty unavoidable online. We've seen the tweets that came when it first dropped, we've seen Tumblr posts, we've even seen a personality quiz and interesting facts. Now that folks have had more time to watch, here are some of the newest, funniest Tiger King tweets.


trying to figure out who on #TigerKing has been exploiting the animals:


Carole: big cats shouldn’t be locked up in cages, they need to be free. Also Carole: #TigerKing




#TigerKing is so batshit insane that a guy filling a gas tank while smoking a cigarette in a shed full of gas tanks is a bottom 5 WTF moment


Shaq when he saw himself featured on the #TigerKing documentary hanging out with Joe exotic


#TigerKingNetflix Country music Joe Exotic’s diss tracks


Legit jealous of Joe Exotic’s work ethic


joe exotic: so a tiger just ripped an employee’s arm off. y’all want a discount? people in the gift shop: #TigerKing


Still cannot believe that when a trainer was attacked by a tiger, Joe Exotic took the time to go get a paramedic jacket. #TigerKing


When a dad sees the front door wide open and multiple lights left on


How Carole start her whole vendetta against Joe bc he collects big cats when she did the same thing? She just mad bc he went straight to the league and hopped off the porch with some tigers while she had to start out w/some weak ass bobcats. Get ya weight up not ya hate up CAROLE


comforting to know that the only thing separating the cast of characters in Tiger King from our federal government is class aesthetics


Joe Exotic coming home to his two straight husbands every night #TigerKing #TigerKingNetflix


The police looking into the disappearance of Carole’s husband. #TigerKing


did Joe Exotic really call Travis’ balls “golden nuggets” at his funeral in front of his mother? #TigerKing


This is how I’m joining all of my work conference calls from now on. #TigerKing


Episode 5 “Tiger King” : ha ha ha we’d never elect anyone as crazy and incompetent as Joe Exotic Tiger King president of the United Stares ha h ... wait a minute


every three minutes of tiger king could be made into a feature film


This dude definitely asked the producers to put a totally unnecessary action scene of him riding his jet ski in the series lmao #TigerKing


Me when Carole Baskin said if you want a tiger to attack a person you put sardine oil on them. #TigerKing


Has anyone ever seen Doc Antle and Mugatu in the same room?? #TigerKing


You know it’s crazy when the former Manager of Walmart who sold ammo turned campaign manager is the most normal person in the show #TigerKing


you’re crazy if you don’t think i’ve been walking around the house talking like Joe Exotic pretending my dog is a tiger


Ugh as if 2020 couldn’t get any worse... just discovered joe exotic was lip syncing the entire time. I am HEARTBROKEN


me alone with my thoughts vs me alone with my thoughts five minutes later


Eating a meat lovers pizza from Walmart during #TigerKing