Carole Baskin Is Suing Netflix Over Footage Used Of Her In "Tiger King 2"

    And she wants the whole thing edited!

    Carole Baskin is suing Netflix.

    Carole wears a flower crown and animal print top

    The Tiger King star is taking the streaming giant to court over footage used in Tiger King 2 that she alleges is a breach of contract.

    According to Variety, Carole and her husband, Howard, filed suit in Florida against Netflix and production company Royal Goode Productions on Monday (Nov. 1).

    Carole and her husband attend a premiere

    In the documents, Carole claims that she and Howard only signed appearance release forms for the first documentary — not the sequel.

    The lawsuit notes that the couple were surprised to see footage of themselves used in the Tiger King 2 trailer, prompting them to seek justice.

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    “Understanding that the Appearance Releases limited Royal Goode Productions’ use of the footage of the Baskins and Big Cat Rescue to the single, initial documentary motion picture, the Baskins believed that any sequel – though odious – would not include any of their footage,” the document reads.

    Carole wears a flower crown at an event

    It continues, "No mention is made of granting Royal Goode Production sequel rights, rights to create derivative works from ‘the Picture’ or additional seasons or episodes. By utilizing the film footage of the Baskins and Big Cat Rescue secured by Royal Goode Productions under the Appearance Releases in ‘sizzle reels’ and promotional trailers for the sequel entitled ‘Tiger King 2,’ the Defendants are in breach of the terms of the Appearance Releases."

    Carole attends a premiere

    Carole and Howard are now demanding Netflix and Royal Goode Productions remove any and all footage of them from Tiger King 2.

    It's been clear that Carole hasn't been pleased since news of the Tiger King sequel dropped, calling the original documentary a "reality show dumpster fire."

    Netflix has not yet spoken out about the matter.