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    16 Funny "Tiger King" Tweets By People Who Haven't Watched It And Are Confused

    Yes, there are people out there who haven't seen it!

    So, while it may seem like EVERYONE and their grandma has seen Netflix's Tiger King, there are still lots of people who haven't watched yet!


    And some of those who haven't watched it have a lot of questions, while others just have a lot thoughts based on what they've read.

    Below are some tweets from people who haven't seen it yet who will leave saying, "YOU NEED TO WATCH IT":

    1. This person who thought it was a kooky comedy starring Carol Kane:

    You can tell I haven’t watched TiGer KinG or whatever because I just realized this woman is NOT the landlord from Kimmy Schmidt

    2. This person who hasn't watched it, but knows any kind of drinking game for it is probably a very bad idea:

    I haven’t even watched #tigerking yet but based on the tweets i’m guessing this drinking game is a terrible idea? Lol

    3. This person who's failing the quarantine, and not just because they haven't watched Tiger King:

    I haven’t (and won’t) watch Tiger King and I haven’t baked a loaf of bread. Am I failing at quarantine?

    4. This person who's failing the quarantine, and not just because they haven't watched Tiger King or baked something:

    I haven’t baked bread, masturbated or watched Tiger King yet. I’m doing this quarantine all wrong.

    5. This person who makes me wonder what the heck they're streaming:

    I haven’t watched Love is Blind or Tiger King, so basically my quarantine exists in an alternate universe to all y’allz.

    6. This person who hasn't seen it, but may have seen one of Joe Exotic's shows at a mall:

    Haven’t even watched the show but I may have seen the Tiger King tour? Lmk

    7. This person who hasn't seen it, but has lived it:

    I haven’t watched Tiger King BUT I did grow up in central Florida knowing a family who was in the exotic animal business. My step grandmother worked at the local high school with one woman in the family who would sneak baby monkeys into the school to care for them. (Con’t)

    8. This person who, well, is pretty spot-on about what it's about:

    haven’t watched tiger king but I can only assume it is based on this image

    9. This person who would get so many questions answered if they only watched it:

    I haven’t watched Tiger King, but I’m already obsessed for no other reason than the questions I have about this picture. Why is he shirtless? Why won’t he just wear his sunglasses properly instead of squinting? Joe Exotic is MARRIED? How many tiger tattoos does he have? I love it

    10. This person who is bingeing other shows, but ready to pause them for Tiger King:

    I haven’t watched Tiger King... do I put Better Call Saul on hold, wait on Ozarks and consume the disaster circus everyone is talking about?

    11. This person who knows there are some insane things in store for them:

    I haven’t watched any of Tiger King yet but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like something I’d come up with if I had 5 minutes to prepare before I pitched a show to Netflix

    12. This person who feels they might have missed the social media boat for it:

    I haven’t watched Tiger King yet and now it’s getting to the point where it might be too late

    13. This person who is one glass of wine away from joining in on the madness:

    I haven’t watched Tiger King yet but give me one more glass of wine

    14. This person who has made it their own personal mission not to watch it:

    I don’t care how long this stay-at-home thing lasts ... it’s become a random point of pride that I haven’t watched Tiger King and I’m going to outlast the virus.

    15. This person who figures they should save it for next month:

    Day 14 and I still haven’t watched Tiger King. I’m saving that for day 54.

    16. And finally, this person who hasn't seen it, but is making a good case as to why we need a prequel series:

    I haven’t watched it yet but apparently the yoga cult from down the road where I grew up is heavily featured on Tiger King and my sister says it is setting some old community scores