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Apr 8, 2020

John Finlay Just Revealed He Was Never Married To Joe Exotic And This Is The Reason I Have Trust Issues

This is wild.

We can all agree that Tiger King can only be described as a crazy ass show. One would have to watch for themselves in order to truly understand everyone's obsession with it.


It's got wild animals, random celebrity appearances, and more drama than you can count.

Each week, it seems we learn more about the cast that we didn't know before, like the fact that Joe Exotic, a zookeeper from Oklahoma, faked his music career...


...and that wasn't even the craziest thing about the docuseries.

Now, John Finlay, one of Joe Exotic's three husbands, is speaking out about their relationship, and he revealed that they were never really married in the first place!!!!


In the show, we see footage from John, Joe, and the late Travis Maldonado's 2014 wedding ceremony. However, same-sex marriage wasn't legalized in the States until June 2015.


According to Oxygen, Joe officially married Travis following the Supreme Court's ruling. However, by that time, John had left Joe for a woman who was working at the park.


In a recent interview with David Spade, who's also obsessed with the show, John said, "Right now I have a fiancé. But just to clear the record, me and Joe were never legally married. Ever."

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"The girl I ran off with, we had a kid, we spent three years together. We never got engaged, never got married, anything like that," he declared.


Apparently, John will be "married soon" to the new person in his life.

He also shared other details, including the fact that the matching outfits at the "wedding" were all Joe Exotic's idea.


If you want — and you know you do — you can stream all 23 minutes of their three-way wedding ceremony here.

Although technically they were in a relationship, John admitted he wasn't that close with Travis. "We weren't really great friends, but we were friends," he revealed.


When asked if he got along with Travis to keep the peace and keep Joe happy, John said, "Yeah, pretty much."

Me, after finding out all of this information:


You can watch John's full interview with David Spade here.

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