The Cast Of "Tiger King" Have Selected Who They Want To Play Them In A Biopic And I Need This Movie ASAP

    These picks are spot-on.

    If you can't get enough of Netflix's Tiger King, you're probably in luck, because it'll more than likely be turned into a record-breaking box office movie pretty soon*.

    With that in mind, everyone has been asking the cast of the docuseries who they would want to play them in a film about their wild and chaotic lives, and their picks are preeeetty ~interesting~, to say the least.

    Here are 9 actors the Tiger King stars have handpicked to play them in a biopic:

    Joe Exotic: Brad Pitt or David Spade

    Here's a photo of Joe for reference:

    John Finlay: Shia LaBeouf or Channing Tatum

    Here's a photo of John for reference:

    John Reinke: Matthew McConaughey

    Here's a photo of John for reference:

    Saff: Brandon Baker or Ken Jeong

    Here's a photo of Saff for reference:

    Rick Kirkham: Billy Bob Thornton

    Here's a photo of Rick for reference:

    Dillon Passage: Zac Efron

    Here's a photo of Dillion for reference:

    What do you think? Are their picks spot-on? Who would you cast to play them in a biopic? Tell us in the comments!