Reporting To You X


It's just plain irresponsible.

"This project really got me to appreciate the mythos behind each astrological sign."

So many mems, so little time.

Please, this man can't just walk around in his underwear.

Hungry for s'more?

You are what you eat.

Say cheese!

Because the only thing better than chain restaurants is saving money.

Time machines at the ready!

Why aren't these everywhere???

You've got many attractive qualities, but which one is the best?

BRB, moving to Japan.

Because baked pasta > regular pasta.

This is an intervention.

It's the little things.

Both you and brunch contain multitudes.

The Frozen question is a dead giveaway.

Beneath every outfit is a vibrant personality.

When will my city get cheese vending machines??

As if you didn't already this morning, eh?

No selfies with the Queen.

Frozen coffee cubes for iced coffee = genius.

Kids at a wedding? Yes or no?

Chocolate chips? Buttercream frosting? Raspberries?


Power color: The color that manifests good into your life and makes you the most happy.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

"Do you do that to the guys?"

Let's get right to the point.

"They're magically delicious!"

Why doesn't every restaurant have these things?!

Jon-Michael Poff • 11 hours ago

Here's the only quiz where you can try to get Belle and end up being Black Panther.

I'm hair for it.

The ultimate teen adventure!

Should you roam the streets of Rome or road trip through California?

Feeling divine?

✨This is a science, sweetie ✨

It's crunch time.

Blink and you just might miss some of these.

I'm over them.

Dwayne to the rescue.

Are you more SoCal or Big Apple?

Hangry and broke.

Public bathrooms don't have to be awful.

You're officially out of excuses.

Sorry, but we can't guarantee your result actually survived the movie.

These comics are truly magical.

Um, my grocery store needs ALL of these things.

Follow the food.

They get off at 3 every day.

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