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Women Overcame Their Fear Of Alligators At A Gator Ranch

"They're basically puppies. Little water puppies!"

We're ALL about getting through our bucket lists and overcoming fears.

That's why Devin took three other "Ladylike" ladies — Kristin, Jen and Freddie — to "Insta-Gator Ranch" to befriend Louisiana's greatest keystone predator, the alligator.

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As/Is / Via youtube.com

The ladies met John, the owner of "Insta-Gator."

They were scared at first, but quickly changed their minds when they saw baby alligators.

Devin picked up the gators with no problem at all, but Kristin wasn't as lucky with the slippery little things!

Just when they thought they were out of the woods, they came face-to-face with the REAL deal.

One of the alligators wasn't too happy and growled and hissed at them for being there.

Kristin volunteered to catch an alligator.

Turns out, there was no wrestling OR getting into the water! The girls made a new alligator friend and named him Nelson.

They started off really nervous, but at the end, they were impressed with the animals and the work that the team at "Insta-Gator" was doing to protect them.