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50 Things From The '80s That Anyone Between The Ages Of 35-45 Has Completely Forgotten About

Don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 12," 'cause no, you don't! This is for "old people" only!!!

1. The "ghost boy" from Three Men and a Baby:

2. These flip-flops that every kid in the '80s wore:

3. Shiny Sandylion stickers:

4. R.O.B. the Nintendo robot that every kid knew a kid who knew a kid that owned it:

5. The Gap with its red store facade...

6. ...and Banana Republic when it looked like something straight out of Indiana Jones:

7. Cars with ashtrays on the doors:

8. These drinks that were more fun to play with than to drink out of:

9. Penny from Pee-wee's Playhouse:

10. Wildlife Treasury and the box that you always pinched your fingers on:

11. These fiber-optic flower boxes that even back then you knew were tacky AF:

12. Mousercise, 'cause even Mickey was jumping on the fitness craze:

13. Dynamite magazines that you only read in your classroom library or at the dentist:

14. McDonald's food that came in Styrofoam containers:

15. Talking Chicken McNuggets commercials that encouraged you to eat them:

16. These McD's highchairs:

17. These square records McDonald's gave away as a contest:

18. These evil shin destroyers:

19. My Buddy and Kid Sister, whose jingle is probably playing in your head right now:

20. Smurf vitamins...

21. ...and Strawberry Shortcake vitamins that tasted like candy:

22. These Disney books that taught you the ABCs, shapes, numbers, and also nature stuff:

23. Quik that came in a metal tin...

24. ...and Tang that came in a glass jar:

25. Time for Timer who was a big cheese pusher:

26. Win, Lose or Draw hosted by Vicky Lawrence:

27. These Garfield cups that EVERYONE owned:

28. Today's Special which starred some sorta creepy puppets:

29. Johnson's No More Tangles spray that came in bottles that looked like this:

30. Tinkerbell make-up:

31. Evie from Out of This World and her bedroom with that giant hand chair:

32. Koala bear pencil huggers that were actually really impractical:

33. The Catillac Cats from Heathcliff that lived in, like, a dumpster mansion:

34. Beverly Hills Teens and its really catchy theme song:

35. The creepy AF puppets from Genesis' "Land of Confusion" music video:

36. Read posters that were all over your elementary school:

37. Thermoses that came with your lunch box and gave a subtle taste of plastic to whatever you were drinking:

38. Cameras that looked like this:

39. ABC's claymation "After These Messages" intros and outros:

40. Jane Fonda Workout videos that your mom usually had one or two of:

41. These Lucky Eggs machines that were always at every supermarket and pizza parlor:

42. The F.H.E. logo that appeared before a whole bunch of your favorite VHS tapes:

43. This way too important adaptor:

44. The Haunted House pop-up book:

45. Sewing cards:

46. These highway patrol motorcycle cop remote control toys that everyone just seemed to have:

47. Wild Strawberry Bubblicious that tasted like sugar, more sugar, and artificial strawberry flavor:

48. Beverly Cleary books that came with these covers:

49. Care Bears books:

50. And finally, character cake pans that resulted in cakes that were 90% frosting: