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16 Reasons Why Vaccinating Your Kids Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

It's just plain irresponsible.

You know, these days there's a whole lot in the news about people deciding not to vaccinate their children. In fact, anti-vaxxers have been called everything from "incredibly stupid" to "astoundingly dumb" to "shockingly ignorant".

Well, they're also another thing: completely right! I'm here to say why absolutely NO ONE should vaccinate their kids.

1. Honestly, this looks fun!

Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination. Many children lived for months in these machines

2. Sign me up!

#ThrowbackThursday 1946 was considered the worst yr for Polio in US. We had 3 "iron lung" machines to treat patients!

3. This doesn't look bad at all.

People, this is what measles looks like. Get your kids vaccinated:

4. Nope, not bad at all.

5. I mean, come on! Think of the children!

This is what life was life before vaccination.

6. This is nothing!

“Tragedy” of 35 deaths from #measles in Europe last year is unacceptable, says @WHO

7. Having trouble seeing what's so bad about this.

These two boys were exposed to smallpox. One was vaccinated, the other was not.

8. Looks perfectly fine and normal to me.

Letters from those who experienced it: What life was like before vaccines via @DrWaiSun

9. I'd love to spend my life inside one of these!

Terrifying reminder of life for some polio victims before vaccination *shudder* #ironlung

10. And if there's an outbreak? Can't wait to put on one of these suits!

Doctors in protective clothing during an outbreak of smallpox in Wroclaw, Poland, 1963

11. Polio looks like a good time!

ICYMI: Life before vaccination: Polio ward, Downey CA, 1953. [cc: @tribeca]

12. So does smallpox!

13. Who needs vaccines?

14. Just because "science" tells you something doesn't mean it's true!

Smallpox (1908). This is one disease we don't want to see come back. EVER. #VaccinesWork cc @JennyMcCarthy

15. Yup, a world with vaccines looks like a world worth living in.

16. I mean, why would anyone ever get vaccinated?